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Software: A computer language program.

Computer Languages

web development includes front-end and back-end developments:

web page = frontend webpage = front-end languages

HTML (.htm, .html) - CSS (.css) - JavaScript (.js) - VBScript (.asp) -

web developers must learn 3 languages :

  1. HTML defines the content of a web page
  2. CSS describes the layout of a web page
  3. JavaScript manipulates the behavior of web pages


  • JavaScript Math


    1. LaTeX showing mathematical notation for web pages
    2. mathHandbook = Math Handbook Language : math calculation and plot

    backend server = back-end languages

    C (.c) - C++ (.cpp) - Java (.java) - JavaScript (.js) - python (.py) - php - perl - fortran -


  • Java Math


  • node.js


    System software, software automation, middleware technology, programming language, software engineering, software reuse technology and software component technology, computer complexity theory, parallel processing and high-performance computing, basic theory of computer science and management theories, methods, Research on models, tools, environments, etc.

    from bottom to top: operating system -> server -> database -> application

    operating system (OS)

  • DOS - Windows
  • Unix + Linux: Red hat
  • Apple : Mac OS + iPhone iOS
  • Android : Android phone


    Apache Tomcat

    It runs on Unix + Linux.
  • document
  • examples
  • Library

    Microsoft IIS

    It runs on Windows.


    SQL - MySQL - Oracle - Access

    Application (app)

  • calculator
  • Math : math Hand, Math Handbook, , Java API
  • Chemistry : Electrochemistry Software
  • drawing, draw
  • clinic software

    Cloud computing

    Cloud computing runs on any phone, iPhone, tablet, web, computer. No need to download, just forward link to share interaction.

    Cloud computing 云计算 = Web Address calculator 网址计算器 = URL calculator = mobile platforms = web calculator = programming platform = online coding = online programming
    Input your formula x from URL in browser to compute x, and share your computation with URL. please replace the plus sign + with %2b, the power sign ^ with **, as URL did not know + ^.
    1. : differentiate x, and plot.
    2. : show the d(x) source code
    3. : show the help page
    4. : plot x in the graph.
    5. : plot x in the 2D graph.
    6. : plot x in the 3D graph.
    7. : plot x in the 3D graph by Microsoft Internet Brower IE.
    8. : plot x in the contour 3D graph.
    9. : plot x in the complex 3D graph.
    10. : plot x in the implicit 3D graph.
    11. : plot x in the parametric 3D graph.
    12. : plot x in the spin 3D graph.
    13. : plot x in the wireframe 3D graph.
    14. : show a htm page of the file name test.
    15. : code a htm page for the file name test.
      HTML + CSS + JavaScript + LaTeX + graph programing
    16. : python programing for the file name test.
    17. : math programming x in the math calculator.
    18. : math programming x in the math calculator.
    19. = = : math hand in the math calculator.
      please read online manual part 2 programmer's guide.
    20. = math programing by hand in Chinese.

    software engineering

    Software Engineering is a discipline that studies the use of engineering methods to construct and maintain effective, practical and high-quality software . It involves programming languages, databases, software development tools, system platforms, standards, design patterns and so on.

    Subject categories

    First- level discipline , professional code: 080902 Category/category: Engineering      discipline/category: Computer


    Software engineering principle, software engineering process, software engineering method, software engineering model, software engineering management, software engineering measurement, software engineering environment, software engineering application, software engineering development and use. The famous software engineering expert B. Boehm synthesized the opinions of relevant experts and scholars and summarized the experience of developing software for many years. In 1983, he put forward seven basic principles of software engineering in a paper:
    (1) Use the staged life cycle Strict management is planned.
    (2) Adhere to the stage review.
    (3) Implement strict product control.
    (4) Adopt modern programming technology.
    (5) Software engineering results should be clearly reviewed.
    (6) The personnel of the development team should be small and precise.
    (7) Recognize the need for continuous improvement of software engineering practices.


    Programming languages, databases, software development tools, system platforms, standards, design patterns, etc.


    Basic lessons
    Advanced Mathematics , Software Engineering
    Course video



    book list



    In modern society, software is used in many ways. Typical software is e-mail, embedded systems, human-machine interfaces, office suites, operating systems, compilers, databases, games, etc. At the same time, almost all industries have the application of computer software, such as industry, agriculture, banking, aviation, government departments and so on. These applications promote economic and social development, and also improve work efficiency and life efficiency.

    employment position

  • Java direction: JAVA junior programmer, JAVA computing programmer, JAVA engineer, J2EE system engineer, etc.
  • .Net direction: .Net programmer, website development engineer, .Net engineer, etc.
  • Other directions: simple management information system development and maintenance personnel, web page production and client-side scripting personnel, junior database management and maintenance personnel, database development engineers, system analysis and design engineers, software project configuration administrators, and documentation engineers.

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