Pacific Academy of Sciences


            It is an autonomous international organization, founded in Sydney, Australia, in 1997, by a distinguished group of scientists from the world. It is a bridge between Chinese and Pacific academics, scientists and engineers.


1.      Aims

a.      Encourage all the people participate to the scientific movement.

b.      Encourage scientific education to be universalised to all the people.

    1. Encourage the resources of scientific research to be shared by all the people.
    2. Encourage the scientific products to be shared by all the people.
  1. Objectives
    1. To recognize, support and promote scientific excellence in Asia and Pacific Rim.
    2. To provide scientists with research facilities.
    3. To promote cooperative R & D of sciences between countries. 
    4. To promote the transformation of scientific invention into industrial application.
    5. To facilitate contacts between individual scientists and institutions.
    6. To encourage cooperation between scientists in different disciplines.
  2. Secretariat:
    1. Secretary General: Dr. Chao Fan Yang
    2. Vice Secretary General: Dr. Weiguang Huang
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  4. Resources:
    1. Chinese Academy of Sciences
    2. Third World Academy of Sciences
    3. American Academy of Arts and Sciences
    4. National Academy of Sciences
  5. Feedback: We are listening to you for any suggestion.