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    The entire Africa continent, is called Africa. Area approximately 30.2 million square kilometers. Approximately composes the world land total area 20.2%, for world second big continent.

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    Is located the eastern hemisphere the north west, the cross equator north and south, northeast part have a part of area to enter the The Western Hemisphere. East is close to Indian Ocean, west is near Atlantic, north separates Mediterranean Sea and the Straits of Gibraltar and Europe faces one another, northeast corner by long red sea and The Suez Canal close neighbor Asia. East the mainland to the Kazak abundant angle, the winter solstice distress adds 勒斯 the angle, west arrives Cape Verde, north to 吉兰 angle. 

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    Africa is in the world various continents an islands quantity least continent. North the African continent south the width is narrow, assumes the scalene triangle. For a plateau mainland, the topography quite is smooth, the elevation 500 ~ 1,000 meters plateaus occupy the entire continent area above 60%. The desert area approximately composes the entire continent area 1/3, for a desert area biggest continent. The Sahara Desert is in the world the biggest desert. Mt. Kilimanjaro is the place volcano, the elevation 5,895 meters, is the African high point. East Africa has in the world the biggest rift valley belt, east the rift valley belt a long approximately 6,400 kilometer, west the rift valley belt a long approximately 1,700 kilometer, the rift valley belt general deeply amounts to 1,000 ~ 2,000 meters, extends several dozens kilometers to 300 kilometers, forms a series of is long but the depth valley and the lake, Arab League Saller lake 湖面 in the sea level following 153 meters, is the African land most low point.
    The African rivers characteristic is the multi- canyons, the jet stream and the waterfall, the hydro-electric resources is rich, but is disadvantageous to the shipping. The Nile River span 6,671 kilometers, are the world longest rivers. The African lake centralism distributes in the East Africa plateau, assumes the string of beads shape arrangement in the East Africa Great Rift Valley belt, Victoria lake is the African biggest lake and the world second big fresh water lake; The Tanganyika lake is the world second deep lake.

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    Africa has "name of the tropics mainland". Its climate characteristic is the high temperature, the few rain, is dry, the climatic zone distribution assumes the north and south symmetrical shape.

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    Population 747 million. Accounts for the world population 13.0%, occupies the second in the world.

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    Africa has 56 countries and the area. Africa divides into five areas in geography: North Africa, East Africa, the West Africa, Central Africa and the South Africa.

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