The national flag flag surface is the red rectangle, is long and the high ratio is 3: 2. The flag surface upper left side decorates has five decadent five pointed stars. Star bigger, its external circle diameter is high for the flag 3,/10, occupies left; Four stars smaller, its external circle diameter is high for the flag 1,/10, equal the arch arranges right flank Yu Daxing, four small five pointed stars respectively have a point to the greatly five-star central point. The flag pole is a white. Red symbolic revolution; The star is for in red on is appearing the light with the yellow; Under five five pointed stars and the reciprocity, symbolize the Communist Party of China to lead the Chinese people great solidarity. A big five pointed star greatly represents, the honorable Communist Party of China, the link arches the arrangement four small stars to express the whole nation strong unity in Communist Party of China's periphery.