Warship Destroyer

Warship Destroyer

    "The modern age" the level destroyer is the larger-scale combat ship with "the travel sea", provides the advanced correspondence, the radar, the electronic warfare equipment and the armament system, has carries out the three-dimensional space and the long-distance range attack operational capacity, is the mainland navy open sea combat important military strength. Here only the level destroyer operational capacity makes an analysis on "the modern age".

"The modern age" the level operational capacity although far the level is much more formidable than "the travel sea", but when treats the mainland navy the strength, also cannot despise "the travel sea" naval vessel the and so on level importance. Basic parameter and characteristic: "The modern age" the level destroyer fully loaded displacement 7,625 tons, maximum speed 33.4, the endurance may reach 14,000 nautical miles/14. This level of ships dynamic system uses the turbo-charged boiler technology, has activates, in quickly the stove the firepower is strong, the combustion efficiency higher merit, the speed only needs 2 minutes from 10 acceleration to 32. The ship body uses the high strength steel products, entire ship by 15 horizontal seperator discriminations is 1.6 watertight sections, may guarantee wilfully three neighboring cabins to enter time the water cannot occur capsizes. Naval vessel interior space big, with the United States Navy similar naval vessel, the personnel housing conditions is quite good. This level of ships propulsion system uses the advanced stealth technology, installed the air bubble to camouflage the static sound system, the chimney place has established the spraying of water cooling system, but effectively reduced the infrared radiation intensity. Outside the overtop structure spreads has several centimeter thick radar to attract the wave coating, the board and the overtop structure uses Zhang Henei to lean the way design, reduces the radar return cross-sectional area, but many concentrates because of the antenna and the weaponry disposition, its stealth effect is not really ideal.

Water surface operational capacity: "The modern age" the level destroyer equipment "the sunburn" (SS - N 122, also called "is white ") the anti-ship missile, has the host/passive radar dual guiding pattern. This missile at present has 3M80 (firing distance 120 kilometers) and 3M82 (firing distance 160 kilometers) two kind of models. The Chinese navy purchases is 3M80, has the supersonic speed sea-skimming flying ability, the cruising speed 2.5 Mach, maximum speed 3 Mach, is in the world the speed quickest anti-ship missile, approximately for western active duty anti-ship missile velocity 3--4 time. When this missile cruise flight altitude approximately 30-100 meter, when terminal attack uses dives the flying status, the flight altitude reduces to 7-20 meter about, and does approximately 450 is circuitous (snake-shape) the movement, resists the short range armament system the interception. This missile portable conventional warhead or the nuclear warhead, its conventional warhead powders charge 300 kilograms, even if encounters the ship-borne short range armament system the success interception, the warhead Ƭ still could create the quite big destruction by the extremely high speed to the ships, the general estimate so long as 1 - 2 this missile then destroyed a large-scale combat ship.
"The modern age" the level destroyer and the ship tail respectively provides 1 water cooling 130 millimeter/54 pair of artillery in the bow, has the autoloading ability, the firing distance is 32.4 kilometers, is the similar naval gun median shot distance farthest. This artillery may carry on entire automatic, semiautomatic or the manual fire in under fire control radar guiding, has the rate of fire quick, the firepower crowded, the firing distance far, the operation is simple and relibility the higher merit, to the water surface, airborne or the land goal can create the quite big lethality.

Air defense and anti-ballistic operational capacity: "The modern age" the level destroyer provides 6 single pulses fire control radars and 2 3S90 single arm rotary system missile launcher (bow and the ship tail each 1), equipped 48 SA-N-7 medium range local defense missile, the discharger load time 6 seconds, the launch gap approximately 3 seconds, the system has approximately been possible simultaneously to attack the airborn target which 6 raided. The antiaircraft missile may from the fire control radar or photoelectricity director implementation guiding, guiding system time to prepare not to 3 minutes, the reaction time approximately 16 ~ 19 seconds, but effectively copes with the flight altitude in 10-24000 meter, the flying speed 300---400 meter/second any airborn target, to the airplane hit probability approximately is 70% ---90%, to the anti-ship missile hit probability approximately is 43%. This level of ships have provided 4 6 30 millimeter water cooling AK-630M short range quick artillery system, has the air defense, anti-ballistic, function and so on counter- speed boat, the effective range 4 kilometers, the instantaneous fire ball group may reach above 400 round, by the fire control radar or the photoelectricity system guiding fire, may the goal which raids to the multi- positions carry on the interception, the short range defense energy level is good.

Antisubmarine action ability: "The modern age" the level destroyer has provided 1 bow stationary type low frequency host/passive sound and 1 ship stationary type high frequency torpedo early warning sound, 2 intermediate frequencies driving types sound, the driving torpedo countermeasure aircraft and torpedo jamming system and so on BAT-1 gasification type towing passive torpedo bait, has the outstanding anti-submarine survey and the torpedo resistance ability; Has provided the TEST-71M heavy torpedo, its attack depth amounts to 400 meters, the firing distance 15 kilometers, maximum speed 45, have the attack to be away from far, the precision is high and the destructive power big merit, poses the quite big threat to the Taiwan navy's submarine; Provides 2 6 BBU-1000 mousetrap, carries 120 depth bombs, the firing distance 1,000 meters, is the shallow water district main antisubmarine weapon; Provides 40 sea mines, may carry out the strategic mine or the aggressive mine blockade; Provides the Russia system card -28 anti-submarine warfare helicopter, machine on carries hangs puts the type sound, the magnetic instrument to search for m, 2 torpedo or 4 depth bombs, may carry out the antisubmarine search and the attack; Disposes 3,600 seaward-looking radars, may carry out the sea level and center, the low altitude target acquisition and the surveillance, may when carries out the beyond line of sight attack provide the target designation, the relaying guidance and the tactical data chain traffic capacity.

Electronic warfare ability: "The modern age" the level destroyer provides the electronic warfare system including the STAPtT-2 electron support system, "covers the clock" the electron support system, the MP-405 electron support/resistance system, the KT-216 disturbance rocket-firing system, in addition carries the gasification type radar decoy reflector and the laser warning receiver, had the electronic truncation to receive, the electronic countermeasure, the mechanical type disturbance and the early warning ability, was the continental sea military affairs class main force battleship neutron war ability strongest naval vessel.