The United kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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    Full title Great Britain and Northern Ireland united kingdom. Is located west Europe, in on Atlantic's British archipelago. East is close to North Sea facing country and so on Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark and Norway; West neighbour Ireland, 横隔 Atlantic and US, Canada faces each other across a great distance; North the oversized Western world may reach Iceland; South puts on the English Channel is France. Coastline long 11,450 kilometers.

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    The area 244,200 square kilometers, are the European biggest island countries, by northeast the British island, the Irish island and periphery some islands is composed.
    The topography by northwest gradually inclines to the southeast. The entire boundary divides into four parts: Southeast England plain, mid-west mountainous region, Scotland mountainous area, Northern Ireland plateau and middle plain. The main sierra has rushes rather the sierra, the Grampian mountains, the Cumbria sierra and so on. The Grampian mountains prominent peak this 尼维?mountain elevation 1,344 meters, are the national high points. The main rivers have fill Wen He, Thames River and so on.

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    Is the temperate zone marine climate, temperate is all year long moist. Majority of local year precipitation 670 ~ 2,540 millimeters.

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    The mineral resource resources is richer, mainly has the coal, the iron, the petroleum and the natural gas. The energy resources is in European Union the richest country. Forest 覆盖?is 6%.

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    The nation divides into 4 parts, the division is 53 county, 9 administrative areas, 3 areas, 26 areas and 1 independent area.

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    7 centuries start to form the feudalism. 829 years beginning calls England the empire. In 16th century the leaf starts the overseas to colonize plundering. In 1640 erupted the bourgeois revolution, in 1649 the announcement was a republic. In 1668 the dynasty restored, definite constitutional monarchy system. In 1707 England and Scotland merged. In 1801 merged with Ireland, changes Great Britain and the Ireland united kingdom. In 1921 south Ireland 26 county were separated from its rule, then changes the country's name for now. After first, two world wars, the national strength seriously suffers injury, the overseas colony is in abundance independent.

    National Day every year June second week Saturday.

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    The population 59.06 million, mainly by the English person, the Welsh person, the Scotland person and the Irish person is composed. The urban population accounts for the total population 90%.

    The official language is an English, general English.

    The inhabitant mainly believes in Christianity.

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    Is in the world one of economical most developed countries. GDP approximately 1357100000000 US dollars. Take the heavy industry, service industry as the foundation, the aviation, electronic, chemical, textile, sea-floor oil mining and so on occupies the world leading status. The information engineering, the satellite communication, the micro electron technological development were in recent years very quick. The mechanization of agriculture degree is high, the staple crop has Mai Lei, the potato, the rapeseed, the beet and so on. The animal husbandry is developed, raises the pig, the cow, the sheep primarily. The tourism is one of domestic economical integral parts.

    The foreign trade occupies world fifth. Mainly exports the product for the machine, the automobile, the aeronautical equipment, the chemical product, the electronic products and so on, mainly imports the raw material, food and so on. Foreign trade total amount 269.75 billion US dollars.

    The current money is a pound.

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Military service system implementation wish military service system. The soldier length of service the contract which evaluates with military decides according to myself, divides into 3 year, 6 year, 9 year, 12 year, 15 year, 22 years. All levels of military officers highest service fixed number of years: Marshal and general are 60 years old, center 59 year old, major general 57 year old, the brigadier general to major 55 years old. The company officer from awards the military rank, in 16 years cannot promote to major the military rank must retire. In addition, is the retention talented person, some specialized technical officers' highest service fixed number of years stipulations is wider, like the medical affairs, the military law and so on, the school military officer might serve to 60 years old.

Military rank minute 8 and so on 19 levels: Marshal 1 level, high-ranking military officer 3 levels (general, center, major general), brigadier general 1 level, field grade officer 3 levels (colonel, lieutenant colonel, major), company officer 3 levels (captain, first lieutenant, second lieutenant) warrant officer 2 levels (level of warrant officers, two levels of warrant officers), sergeant 3 levels (master sergeant, staff sergeant, corporal), soldier 3 levels (private class, private second class, recruit).

Total military strength active duty army 210,940 people.

Army 113,900 people. Arranges has 1 ground team headquarters, 3 military regions, 1 armored division, 1 mechanized division, 1 airborne mobile travel, 14 infantries 旅部.

Tank: "Challenger" 464, "chief" 61.
Armoured scout car: "Is big 弯刀" 315, "wears a sword" 136, "the fox" 11.
Infantry combat tank: "Brave warrior" 575, "Radden" 11.
Armored carrier: AFV - 432 693, "the Sparta person" 526, "Saxon" 657, "the sarah abdicates" 5.
Tows the artillery "105 millimeters 217, 140 millimeter 1, 155 millimeter 47.
Self-propelled artillery: 155 millimeters 179.
Rocket launcher: 227 millimeters 63.
Mortar: 81 millimeters 543.
Antitank guided missile: " Milan "793," turn on lathe the fire "48," the ceramic "type certain.
Ground-to-air missile: " Star light "56," javelin "298," light sword "24.
Airplane: 7.
Helicopter: 281.

Navy 44,500 people. Arranges has 1 fleet, 5 fleets.

Aircraft carrier: "Invincible" level 3.
Submarine: "The trident" level 3, "the Tela Farr Canada" level 7, "are fast" level 5.
Destroyer: "Birmingham" level 12.
Escort ship: "Cornwall" level 4, "broadsword" level 6, "Norfolk" level 13.
Patrol boat: 26.
Sweeper submarine: 19.
Amphibious landing craft: 7.
Each support ship: 21.

Naval air force 6,790 people. Equipment battle airplane 33, armed helicopter 109.

Marine corps 6,500 people. Equipment "Milan" antitank guided missile, "javelin", "blowpipe" ground-to-air missile, "aerospatiale 341/342 gazelle" helicopter 9, each amphibious assault ship 29.

Air force 52,540 people. Arranges has 5 flight groups, 45 squadrons: 6 fights/bomber target (may carry on nucleus attack), 5 attacks the squadron, 6 fighter planes squadrons, 4 reconnaissance squadrons, 3 marine loitering aircrafts squadrons, 2 electronic early-warning aircrafts squadron, 1 electronic countermeasure/information collection squadron, 3 aircraft-refueling vehicles squadrons, 4 transport squadrons, 1 liaison communication squadron, 10 helicopters squadrons to the place. Battle airplane 450 (store up 105 in addition).

Bomber aircraft: "Tornado" GR - 1 142.
Fighter aircraft: "The tornado" F - 3 106 (store up 40 in addition), "the jaguar" 54, "the kite" GR - 7 69 (stores up 22 in addition), "? type 98 (public 54 has operational capacity, stores up 22 in addition).
Reconnaissance aircraft: "Canberra" 7.
Marine loitering aircraft: MR - 28.
Electronic early-warning aircraft: E - 3D 7.
Transport aircraft: "Three rooms" 9, VC - 10 24, "strongman" 55.
Accelerator: 15.
Helicopter: 161.
Trainer aircraft: 206.
Open area, air-to-air missile: Certain.

Strategic nuclear power 1,900 people. "The trident" level strategy submarine 3, upload "the trident" (D5) missile 48 (most portable 288 warheads).

Reserve duty army 327,200 people.

Deploys the army main deployment within the boundaries of Germany with the English area. Navy key deployment in auspicious channel coast and Gibraltar. The air force concentrates within the boundaries of Germany with the English area. Has the important sea, air force military base approximately 40, naval base 11, air force base 26.

Is stationed abroad the military strength in Germany 28,100 person, Cyprus 3,700 person, the straight cloth; Luo ? 440 person, the Nepalese 500 people, in the Malvinas Islands, Wen Cai, the Indian Ocean area and so on also have the garrison. Has 455 military advisers in 30 national factions. Joins the United Nations the peace-keeping operations: Bosnia-Herzegovina 4,900 person, Cyprus 314 person, Georgia 6 person, Iraqi/Kuwait 11 person, Italy 350 person, Sierra Leone 2 person, Turkish 160 people.

The foreign country garrisons the basing of U.S Force 11,646 people (army 376 person, navy 1,540 person, air force 9,000 people); Germany and Italy in have 1 3 countries unions "the tornado" the fighter aircraft training squadron; NATO northwest European Union army headquarters and so on 4 headquarters.


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    The transportation infrastructure is complete. The land route, the water transportation, the aviation very are developed.

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    Capital London. The main city has the Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, etc.

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