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Germany (GERMANY)
The Federal Republic of Germany

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    Full title Federal Republic of Germany. Is located middle Europe. East neighbour Poland, Czechoslovakia, south adjoin Austria, Switzerland, west with Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France borders on, north Denmark and is close to North Sea and Baltic Sea. The element has "Europe name of the heart". Coastline long 1,333 kilometers.

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    Area 357,000 square kilometers.
    North the topography low south is high. North is the plain, the average elevation are many below 100 meters. The north west is the Lai ?rift valley area, both sides is 谷壁 the steep mountainous region; South is the Bavaria plateau and Alps mountainous area, Chu Gefeng the elevation 2,963 meters, is the national high point. Within the boundaries the rivers are multitudinous, the water volume enriches also has the reservoir adjustment. The main rivers have the Rhine River, Elbe River, the prestige learn the river and the Danube River. The lake spreads all over, a bigger lake has the Borden lake, the base ? lake, the rice Ritz lake and 阿莫?the lake.

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    Is the temperate climate. Northeast part oceanity is obvious, toward east, south gradually to continental transition. Year precipitation 500 ~ 1,000 millimeters.

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    The rich Tibet coal and the sylvite, other mineral resources are deficient. Forest 覆盖?reaches 30%.

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    The national division is 16 states.

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    A.D. 962 years establish the German nationality the Holy Roman Empire, latter move towards the feudal nation. In 1871 founded the unified German empire, carried out the foreign aggression expansionist policy. In 1914 provoked the First World War. In 1939 started Second World War. The postwar its territory and the capital by American, the law, English, the Soviet four countries districts are seized. American, the law, the English occupied area establishes the Federal Republic of Germany, the Soviet occupied area establishes the German Democratic Republic. In October, 1990 democracy Germany officially joined Federal Republic of Germany, has realized the unification.

    National Day October 3.

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    Population 82.012 million. 99% inhabitant are the German person, -odd is the Dane and lucky Bo Sairen. The urban population accounts for the total population above 80%.

    The official language is a German.

    The inhabitant believes in Christianity and protestantism Catholicism.

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    For the highly developed industrialized country, is the European Union biggest industrial production base and the market. Gross national product approximately 210 billion US dollars. The industry by the machinery, the chemical industry, the electron and the automobile primarily, mining coal, the shipbuilding, the steel and iron, the nuclear power, food, the clothing, the precision instrument and astronautics industry very is also developed. The product approximately one above the half sells to overseas. The agriculture by the animal husbandry primarily, the mechanization and the specialized degree is high. The tourism is developed. Is the world second trade great nation, mainly exports the mechanical device, the automobile, the grain, the textile, the metal and the metal product, the chemical product and so on. The import product mainly is the raw material for industry, food, the energy and so on.

    Foreign trade total amount approximately 955.43 billion US dollars.

    The current money is German Mark.

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The military service system implements all the people compulsory military service system, the soldier enlistment period is 10 months. All levels of military officers highest service fixed number of years: The high-ranking military officer is 60 year old, colonel is 58 year old, the lieutenant colonel is 56 year old, major is 54 year old, the company officer is 52 years old.

Military rank minute 5 and so on 24 levels: High-ranking military officer 4 levels (general, center, major general, brigadier general), field grade officer 3 levels (colonel, lieutenant colonel, major), company officer 4 levels (senior captain, captain, first lieutenant, second lieutenant), sergeant 7 levels (three levels of first sergeants, two levels of first sergeants, level of first sergeants, master sergeant, staff sergeant, two levels of corporals, level of corporals), soldier 6 levels (five and so on soldier, four and so on soldier, basic private, private second class, private class, buck private).

Total military strength active duty army 333,500 people.

Army 230,600 people. Arranges has 3 military headquarters, 1 air-mobile army headquarters (teacher level), 7 operational teachers, 1 independent military area command headquarters (teacher level), 22 active duty travel, 4 racks travel, 1 special troops headquarters (travel level), 27 defense areas (travel level).

Main battle tank: "Leopard" 1 888, "leopard" 2 1,828.
Infantry combat tank: "Sable" A2/A3 2,121, "yellow weasel" type 343.
Armoured scout car: "Mountain cat" SPz - 2 409, "fox" TPz - 1 114.
Armored carrier: "Fox" TPz - 1 814, M - 113 2,641.
Tows the artillery: 105 millimeters 133, 155 millimeter 192.
Self-propelled artillery: 155 millimeters 573.
Rocket launcher: 110 millimeters 80, 227 millimeter 154. 
Mortar: 120 millimeters 908.
Antitank guided missile: "Huo special" 226, "TOW" type voluntarily 136.
Anti-aircraft gun: 20 millimeters 1,150, 35 millimeter 379.
Ground-to-air missile: "Luo is blue" SP 143.
Attack helicopter: PAH - 1 204.
Transport helicopter: UH - 1D 174, CH - 53G 108.
Contacts the helicopter: BO - 105M 96, "skylark" 2 42.

Navy 26,700 people. Arranges has 1 fleet headquarters, 5 fleets and 1 navy 航空兵师.

Submarine: 206/206ASSC level 12, 205SSC level 2.
Destroyer: "Suddenly Langdon fort" level 4.
Missile attack speed boat: "Albatross" (143) level 10, "cheetah" (143A) level 10, "tiger" (148) level 10.
Sweeper submarine: "Hammer you graciousness" (343) level 10, "林道 特罗?card" level 6, "林道" reequipment (331) level 5, "Franken 塔尔" (332) level 11, "not Rauen Loeb" level 5, nobody anti-mine ship 1.
Landing craft: 13.
Supplies the supplies ship: 42. 

Naval air force 4,100 people, equipment battle airplane 52, armed helicopter 17.

Air force 76,200 people. Arranges has 10 fighter aircrafts regiments, 6 antiaircraft missiles regiment, 3 airborne transportation regiments, 2 通信? 2 radars directions group and 6 supplies groups. Battle airplane 451 (have in addition keeps in stock 106).

Attack/fighter aircraft: F - 4 152, "tornado" 276, Mig - 29 23.
Transport aircraft: C - 160 84, Boeing 707 2, A - 310 5, chart - 154 1, CL - 601 7, L - 410 - S 4, T - 37B 35, T - 38A 40, VFW 2.
Transport helicopter: UH - 1D 99, AS - 532U2 3.
Ground-to-air missile: "Hawke" 72, "Luo is blue" 84, "the patriot" 36.

Civilian personnel 137,000 people.

Reserve duty army 315,000 people, army 258,000 person, navy 10,200 person, air force 46,800 people.

Paramilitary forces 24,650 people, federation border defense police 24,100 person, coast guard 550 people.

Deploys the army main deployment in the northern Germany plain and the middle area. The navy deploys in North Sea and the Baltic Sea coastal region. Air force key deployment in middle and south area. The nation altogether has military base 734.

Is stationed abroad the military strength in US in 训飞 staff of bank 812, in England in 训飞 staff of bank 65, in Bosnia-Herzegovina NATO stable army 2,700 people, in Georgia U.N. Observer Team military observer 10 people, in Iraqi/Kuwait U.N. Observer Team 13 people.

The foreign country garrisons Belgium to garrison 2,000 people, France garrisons 11,700 people, Holland garrisons 3,000 people, England garrisons 28,167 people, the basing of U.S Force 57,700 people.

Army holiday army day for November 12, but generally does not hold large-scale celebration. Various branch of armed services do not have the oneself independent holiday.


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    The transportation is highly developed, is the national economy important constituent. Land route, waterway, air movement full scale development, but by the road primarily, the density occupies crown of the world.

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    Capital Berlin. The main city has Hamburg, Munich, Bonn, Frankfurt, Cologne and so on.

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