Canada (CANADA)

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    Is located north North America. East is near Atlantic, west is close to Pacific Ocean, south border to US, north shore Arctic Ocean. Coastline long 240,000 kilometers.

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    The area 9.9706 million square kilometers, are the world second great nation.
    West entire boundary Gao Dongdi. West is the North America branch 迪勒 pulls the mountainous area, the range peak fluctuation, 洛根 the mountain elevation 5,951 meters, are the national high points; Eastern part is the rough terrain; South for the big lake and the st lawrence area which borders on with US, the topography is smooth, multi- basins; Middle is the region of no relief. Within the boundaries the river system is developed, the main rivers have Mackenzie river, nurture the spatial river and the st lawrence river and so on. Canada is the world lake are most, the area broadest country, the famous lake has the great bear lake, the great slave lake, 休伦?and lake ontario and so on.

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   Is situated at the high latitude, the climate is severely cold. North the polar region is the frigid zone liver moss original climate; South of the liver moss original area is the continental temperate zone coniferous forest climate; The Pacific rim is the temperate zone marine climate.

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    The mineral resource resources is rich. Has mineral resource 60 many kinds of, asbestos, the nickel, the zinc, the silver and so on occupy the world first place, has mineral resource in addition and so on uranium, ferrotitanium, copper, tungsten, gypsum, gold. Forest cover rate is 44%, the fishery resources are rich.

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    The national division is 10 provinces and 2 areas.

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    Originally is the Indian and because of 纽特 the person inhabited area. 16th century get up, suffer the law, the English colonizing invasion. After 17th century degenerate into England, the law colony. In 1867 the partial areas became the English autonomous territory. In 1926 obtained in diplomatic the autonomy. In 1931 became the independent country, was the British Commonwealth of Nations member nation.

    National Day July 1.

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    The population 29.8 million, English lineage inhabitant accounts for 42%, the law lineage inhabitant accounts for 27%, other for European descendant and 土著?and so on Italy, Germany, Ukraine.

    English and French with are the official language.

    In the inhabitant 47.3% believes in Catholicism, 41.2% believes in the Christianity protestantism.

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   For economic depth developed country, GDP approximately 560.8 billion US dollars. The manufacturing industry and the high tech industry are more developed, the resources industry, the primary manufacturing industry and the agriculture also are the national economy main prop. Mainly has industry sector and so on the mining, electric power, machine manufacture, metallurgy, chemistry, woodworking and war industry. The mechanization of agriculture degree is high, the main agricultural product has the wheat, the legumes, the rapeseed and so on. The fish output occupies the world front row. The foreign trade occupies the important status in the domestic economy. Mainly exports the raw material and the minerals, the import finished product.

    Foreign trade total amount 491 billion US dollars.

    The current money is the Canadian dollar.

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Military service system implementation wish military service system. Soldier basic enlistment period 3 years. All levels of military officers highest age limit all is 55 years old.

Military rank minute 6 and so on 17 levels: High-ranking military officer 4 levels (general, center, major general, brigadier general), field grade officer 3 levels (colonel, lieutenant colonel, major), company officer 3 levels (captain, first lieutenant, second lieutenant), warrant officer 3 levels (level of warrant officers, two levels of warrant officers, three levels of warrant officers), sergeant 3 levels (master sergeant, staff sergeant, corporal), soldier 1 level (buck private).

Total military strength active duty army 60,600 people.

Army 20,900 people. Arranges has 1 division headquarters, gets down governs 3 mechanized infantry brigades group (respectively to govern 1 armored regiment, 3 armored infantry battalions, 1 artillery army corps, 1 engineer regiment, 1 air defense continually), 1 air raid defense corp and 1 special service group.
Tank: "Leopard" I 114.
Armoured scout car: "Mountain cat" 5, "cougar" 195.
Carrier (armoured vehicle: M - 113 1,329, M - 577 61, "ash bear" 269, "reactionary" 199.
Tows the artillery: 105 millimeters 196.
Self-propelled artillery: 155 millimeters 76.
Mortar: 81 millimeters 167.
Antitank guided missile: "TOW" type 150, "red sand snake" 425.
Has no children the recoil artillery: 84 millimeters 1,040, 106 millimeter 111.
Anti-aircraft gun: 35 millimeters 34, 40 millimeter 57.
Ground-to-air missile: "Arab League reaches the tribulus" 22, "the light javelin" 96.

Navy 9,000 people. Arranges has 2 fleets (5 squadrons), 1 marine aviation group (10 squadrons).

Submarine: "Austria 吉布 tile" level 3.
Destroyer: "易洛?person" level 4.
Escort ship: "Harney law gram Si" level 12.
Patrol boat: 14.
Mine countermeasures ship: 2.
Support and odd job ships: 7.

Air force 15,000 people. Arranges has 4 flight groups, 34 squadrons. Battle airplane 140.

Fighter aircraft: CF - 18 122, CP - 140 18, CP - 140A 3.
Transport aircraft: CC - 130E/H, KC - 130 and so on altogether 69.
Trainer aircraft: CT - 133, CT - 114, CT - 142 and so on altogether 173.
Helicopter: Altogether 143, CH - 113 13, CH - 124 30, CH - 146 100.

Civilian personnel 22,000 people.

Reserve duty army 43,300 people, base intervention 备役 army 28,600 people (ground forces 24,620 person, Shanghai army 4,000 person, airborne army 2,100 person, other 300 people).

The paramilitary forces 9,350 people, mainly are the coast guard, the equipment have each kind of small naval vessel 137, helicopter 28.

Deploys the ground forces main deployment in Quebec and the Arbaugh tower province; Surface echelon key deployment in Atlantic and Pacific rim waters; Airborne army main deployment in middle and eastern area. The ground forces parent base has Calgary, the var card raises you to wait; The surface echelon parent base has Harney law gram Si, Ess base Mole and so on; North the airborne army parent base has the bay, the wave 戈特 维尔, Leng Hu and so on.

Is stationed abroad the military strength to join the United Nations the peace-keeping operations: In Bosnia-Herzegovina 960 people, 克罗地亚 1 person, Cyprus 4 person, Egypt 28 person, Iraqi/Kuwait 5 person, Middle East 11 person, Syrian/Israel 182 people.


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    Transportation developed, the system is perfect. Has established the modernization transportation network which by the railroad, the road, the water transportation, the aviation and the pipeline 5 departments is composed.

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    The tourism is developed, has the Toronto television tower, the fragrance enlightens tourist attraction and so on country park, Niagara Falls, Bethune former dwelling.

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    Capital Ottawa. The main city has Toronto, the Vancouver, Montreal, 温尼?and so on.

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