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The United States of America

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    Full title United States of America. Territory including native place and Alaska, Hawaian two overseas states. The native place is located middle North America, east is close to Atlantic, west is near the Pacific Ocean, north meets Canada, south depends on Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico. Coastline total length 22,700 kilometers.

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    The area 9.3726 million square kilometers, occupy world 4th.
    The native place topography thing high, middle is low, obviously divides into three tandems belts. Eastern part for Arab League Para which winds agrees the Asian mountainous region and the coastal plain. Middle is the plain, general elevation below 500 meters. West 迪勒 pulls the mountain system constitution for the branch the plateau and the mountainous region, including Rocky Mountains, seacoast sierra, Sierra Nevada, ??? special range as well as ravine interior plateau and basin. Is located Aras California the Mackinlay mountain elevation 6,193 meters, is the national high point. Nevada mountain 东侧 is lower than the sea level 85 meters deaths valleys is the North America land most low point. The main rivers have the Mississippi river, the st lawrence river, the Colombian river and so on. The northeast frontier Superior lake, the Michigan lake, 休伦? Lake Erie and lake ontario and so on are the world biggest fresh water lake group.

American topography chart

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   The native place is the temperate zone and the subtropics climate. Florida peninsula 南端 is the tropical climate, Alaska for the subfrigid zone continental climate, Hawaii for the tropics marine climate. National year precipitation 250 ~ 4,000 millimeters.

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    In the mineral resources mineral reserves and so on coal, petroleum, natural gas, iron, sylvite, phosphate, sulfur occupies the world front row, other have the copper, the lead, the molybdenum, the uranium, the bauxite, the gold, the tungsten and so on. But strategy mineral resources titanium, manganese, tin, cobalt and so on main dependent import. The water power and the forest resources are rich. Forest cover rate is 33%.

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    The national division is 50 states and 1 special zone. More >>

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    Originally is the Indian inhabited area. 15 century's ends, west, western colonizing and so on Holland, law, England invades one after another, England has established 13 colonies to 1773 middle North America. In 1775 erupted the war of independence. Made "Declaration of Independence" to 1776, founded the United States of America. At the beginning of 19th century start to outside to expand the territory, gradually expand the territory to the present scope.

    National Day July 4.

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    The population 290 million (in 2005), Caucasian accounts for above 80%, the black approximately composes 13%, the Chinese people approximately 1.65 million, -odd is an Indian.

    General English.

    The inhabitant believes in the Christianity protestantism and Catholicism. More >>

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   US is a economic depth developed capitalist country. Its labor productivity, GDP and the foreign trade total amount occupy the world first place. Industry class complete, the science and technology is advanced. The main industry has the automobile, the aviation, the electron, the steel and iron, the chemical fertilizer, the cement, the energy, the machinery and so on. The animal husbandry intensification and the mechanized level are high. The main agricultural product has the wheat, the corn and the cereal, the cotton, the tobacco, the fruit and so on. Finance, service industry highly mature, tourism also very developed, the output value is huge. Information industries development swift and violent, the science and technology and the education extremely is also advanced. The main exportation industry finished product, the automobile, the agricultural product and so on, the import crude oil and purifies the petroleum product, the raw material for industry, the machinery and the transport vehicle and so on.

    In 2003GDPapproximately 1.08,572 million hundred million US dollars. Occupies world 1st. Foreign trade total amount 19,,990 hundred million US dollars.

    The current money is US dollar.

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   US is the world first military great nation, president holds a concurrent post armed force commanders-in-chief, grasps the highest command jurisdiction. Combative strategic weapon and nuclear weapon right of use common control in president in hand. The national military command system by the National Security Council, Department of Defense and the joint chief of staff is composed. The National Security Council is the highest policy-making organ, by president, vice president, secretary of state, secretary of defense is composed, joint chief of staff president, CIA bureau chiefs attends a meeting as a non-voting delegate. Department of Defense is president directs the entire armed forces the administrative body. The senate association synapsis not only is president, secretary of defense and the National Security Council's military consultation organization, also is to each unified command issued president and secretary of defense orders military command institution. The senate association synapsis and the three services general staff responsibly draw up the operation plan and specifically implements the operational control. After in 2001 "9.11" the event, US further adjusts the military strategy, speeds up the establishment by the nucleus with the non- nuclear combative attack system, the missile defense system and can rapidly deal with the terror threat the national defense infrastructure constitution "the new Trinity" the strategic strength combination.

Military expenses expenditure
    US never stopped increasing the military expenses in recent years, continuously all was in the world the military expenses expenditure highest country. 2,000 to 2006 US'S defense budget military expenses expenditure respectively is: 288800000000th, 310 billion, 343.2 billion, 369.1 billion, 399.1 billion, 420.7 billion, 441.6 billion US dollars, demonstrated the swift and violent growth situation, the year grows 200-300 hundred million US dollars. In 2003 the defense budget is 379 billion US dollars, accounts for the total output value 3.5%. In 2004 the defense budget is 400 billion US dollars, the military expenses expenditure is 466 billion US dollars, accounts for the total output value 4%, accounts for the world military expenses total amount 50%, world first. In 2005 the defense budget is 422 billion US dollars, In 2007, the budget is US$448 billion. Its the military expenses expenditure always is the world first.

The military service system practices the wish military service system from 1973.

Military rank minute 6 and so on 25 levels: High-ranking military officer 5 levels (five-star general, general, center, major general, brigadier general), field grade officer 3 levels (colonel, lieutenant colonel, major), company officer 3 levels (captain, first lieutenant, second lieutenant), warrant officer 5 levels (one, two, three, four, five levels of warrant officers), military 6 levels (level of first sergeants, two levels of first sergeants, three levels of first sergeants, master sergeant, staff sergeant, corporal), soldier 3 levels (private class, private second class, basic private).

Total military strength active duty regular forces total number of people 1.4016 million people.

Army 479,400 people. Arranges has 3 army group headquarters, 4 military headquarters, 10 operational teachers (2 armored divisions, 4 mechanized divisions, 2 light step of teachers, 1 air assault division, 1 airborne division), 5 aviation travel, 3 armor cavalry regiment, 6 artilleries travel, 9 "the patriot" and 2 "the revenge" the air defense guided missile battalion, 3 independent infantry battalions and 1 lands the special troops.

Main battle tank: Altogether 7,836, M - 60A3, M - 1A1 and M - 1A2 and so on.
Infantry combat tank: Altogether 6,720, M - 2 and M - 3.
Armored carrier: M - 113 17,800.
Armoured scout car: Tpz - 1 113.
Rocket launcher: 277 millimeters multibarrel launchers 840.
Self-propelled artillery: 2,601;
Antitank guided missile: "TOW" and "dragon" type and so on, altogether 33,357;
Anti-aircraft gun: 329, 20 millimeters "fire god" type 118;
Antiaircraft missile: "Revenge" type 767, "patriot" type 485;
Each kind of ground surveillance radar 312, aircraft-borne 38;
Drone 7;
Each kind of use airplane 269;
Helicopter: Approximately 4,990, armed helicopter 1,489;
Amphibious naval vessel 58.

Navy 380,600 people. Arranges has 5 navigations teams, namely 2nd fleet (Atlantic), 3rd fleet (Pacific Ocean), 5th fleet (Persian Gulf, hungmuy tea), 6th fleet (Mediterranean Sea), 7th fleet (west Pacific Ocean). 1 fleet generally is 1 aircraft carrier combat team (generally contains 1 aircraft carrier, 2 cruisers destroyer, 1 ~ 2 support ships and 2 nuclear-powered submarines). Also is equipped with the navy transportation headquarters.

Submarine 86 (nuclear power), strategic submarine 18, tactical submarine 66 (nuclear missile attack submarine 32, nuclear power attack submarine 34), other use 2
Main water surface ship only 138.
Aircraft carrier: 12 (8 are Nimitz level nuclear power aircraft carriers, other are conventional power aircraft carrier); Each ship provides a carrier air wing, each regiment common equipment 3 F/A - 18 fights attack squadron, 1 F - 14 ship-borne fighter squadrons, 1 S - 3B and EP - 3 antisubmarine warfare aircraft squadron, 1 SH - 60 anti-submarine warfares helicopter squadron, 1 EA - 6B electronic warfare aircraft squadron, 1 E - 2C aew aircraft squadron and 1 C - 2 supports aircraft squadron, 80 ~ 100 airplanes.
Guided missile cruiser: 29 (2 are nuclear power cruiser).
Guided-missile destroyer: 57.
Guided missile escort ship: 40. 
Mine sweeper: 25.
Amphibious ship: 43.
Support and odd job ship: 99 (midway supplies ship 39).
The military traffic headquarters govern ships 123, may transfer merchantman 303.

Naval air force 63,200 people, Equips the fighter aircraft (F - 14) 12 squadrons, the attack airplane (F/A - 18, A - 6) 24 squadrons, the electronic intelligence airplanes (EP - 3, ES - 3) 4 squadrons, the electronic warfare airplane (EA - 6B) 13 squadrons, the marine reconnaissance aircraft (Lu Jip - 3C II, P - 3C III) 12 squadrons, the antisubmarine warfare airplane (S - 3B) 10 squadrons, the aew aircraft (E - 2C) 10 squadrons, the director aircraft (E - 6A) 2 squadrons, the anti-submarine warfare helicopter 20 squadrons, the mine warfare helicopter 2 squadrons.

Marine corps 171,300 people. Arranges has 3 Marine Corps teachers, 3 services support production brigade, 1 safe security camp, 1 security security guard camp.

Main battle tank: (M - 1A1) 403.
Light armored car: 735.
Amphibious armored vehicle: 1,322.
Tows the artillery: 954.
Antitank guided missile: 2,373.
Has no children the recoil artillery: 2,959.
Mortar: 600.
The air force 36,500 people, arrange have 3 active duty regiments, equips each kind of airplane approximately 520, helicopter approximately 500.

Air force 370,300 people. Arranges has the air operation headquarters and the airborne mobile headquarters two big headquarters. The air operation headquarters govern 5 air units (for intercontinental ballistic missile air unit), 23 wing; The airborne mobile headquarters govern 2 air units, 13 wing.

Long-distance bomber: 206, B - 52H 93, B - 2A 19, B - 1B 94;
Reconnaissance aircraft: 61, U - 2R/S 31, SR - 71 7, RC - 135 20;
Forewarns the director aircraft: 48, E - 3B/C 32, EC - 135 12, E - 4B 4;
Tactical airplane: 2,398, F-22, F - 15 707, F - 16 1,237, F - 4E14 frame, EF - 111A 37, F - 117 53, A - 10A 232, OA - 10A 134, EC - 18 advanced range finders airplanes 4, E - 8C union surveillance and goal attack radar system airplane 4; Execution "opening sky", special duty airplane 205 and so on combat and weather reconnaissance;
Transport aircraft: 990;
Accelerator: 608;
Trainer aircraft: 1,381;
Helicopter: 226.
Hiding airplane: B-2, F-117, F-22.

The strategic nuclear power has jurisdiction by the American strategy headquarters. The strength counts in the sea, the air force. The primary equipment includes: 432 dive shoots the ballistic missile, disposes in 18 ultra-long-range missiles nuclear-powered submarine ("Ohio" level SSBN - 734 10, each takes along 24 "trident" the D - 5 missiles, SSBN - 726 8, each takes along 24 "trident" the C - 4 missiles); Intercontinental ballistic missile, altogether 680, among "militiaman" III 590, "peace maintenance" 50; May take along the strategic cruise missile the strategic bomber 174, B - 1B 95, B - 52H 66, B - 2A 13.

Coast guard 42,000 people, civilian post 06,000 people. According to the law, is an armed forces' constituent, usually by department of transportation maintenance and use. The budget is authorized 1,997 wealth years 3.8 billion US dollars, 1,998 wealth years 4 billion US dollars. Primary armament equipment: Each kind of naval vessel 175, offshore patrol boat 78 (majority of may take along helicopter), the nearshore patrol boat 86, the ice breaker 10, the training ship (ship) 1; Airplane 4, helicopter 161.

The special operation force 28,500 people, the strength counts in various branch of armed services.
The army special operation force 15,500 people, arrange 5 production brigades (each to contain 3 camps), 1 commando unit step of group (contains 3 camps), 1 aviation army corps, 1 psychological operations production brigade (contains 5 camps), 1 civil camp (contains 5 companies), 1 signal battalion and 1 support battalion.
The navy special operation force 04,000 people, arrange have 1 headquarters, 1 operations center, 3 production brigades, 6 armies, 6 "seal team", 2 "seal" transportation motorcade, 2 special boats ships squadron.

The air force special operation force   09,000 people, arrange have 1 headquarters, 1 regiment, 14 squadrons.

Civilian personnel 769,800 people. According to attends to the commission department to calculate, the army attends to the commission 245,200 people, the navy (contains the Marine Corps) to attend to the commission 215,100 people, the air force attends to the commission 178,200 people, Department of Defense attends to the commission 131,200 people.

The reserve service personnel 1.35 million people (do not contain 3rd kind of reserve service personnel). Among them, army reserve component 461,100 people, naval reserve 220,300 people, Marine Corps rear reserve 97,800 people, air reserve component 70,100 people; Army National Guard 364,000 people, air force National Guard 109,700 people; Is organized the reserve service personnel 27,600 people (army 1,100 person, navy 12,700 person, the Marine Corps 850 person, air force 12,900 people).

Deployment in continental united states army approximately 1.2 million people (including naval vessel army).

In the European area 100,000 people, separately is stationed at country and so on Belgium, Germany, England, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Greece, Holland, Norway, as well as deployment on Mediterranean Sea's naval vessel, in German 57,600 people, Italian 26,300 people, English 10,500 people, Turkish 02,400 people, Mediterranean Sea 14,000 people (completely for naval personnel).

In Asian and Pacific area 140,000 people. Among them, in Japanese 39,200 people, South Korean 36,200 people, Singapore 140 people, Alaska 16,000 people, Hawaian 45,700 people, Guam 06,600 people, Diego Garcia 900 people. 3rd and 7th fleet, 6 aircraft carriers, ship-borne 500 airplanes. Air force base 6, 300 airplanes

In the west Asia - North Africa area 20,000 people, is stationed at country and so on Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Qatar and Bahrain. Among them, in Saudi Arabian 03,200 people, Kuwaiti 02,200 people. Resident Persian Gulf and its nearby sea area 5th fleet.

In Americas area 10,000 people, in Panamanian 3,400 people, Cuban Guantanamo base 1,400 people, Haiti 189 people, Honduran 720 people, Canadian 208 people, Bermuda 800 people.

The military base up to February, 1998, the United States military in domestic had military installation 969, army 184, navy 164, marine corps 27, air force 96, other for Department of Defense and latter 备役 army's facility. Overseas military installation 203, proliferate the world 32 countries or the area, army 102, navy 32, marine corps 9, air force 50, other for Department of Defense and combined service force facility.

Army holiday armed forces festival, in May 3rd Saturday. American army day, on April 6, American navy day, on October 27. United States Air Force festival, in September 2nd Saturday.


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    The transportation is highly developed, has the integrity but the convenient transportation network and the many and varied tools and the method.

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    The tourism is developed, has the Toronto television tower, the fragrance enlightens tourist attraction and so on country park, Niagara Falls, Bethune former dwelling.

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    Capital Washington. The main city has New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, the Philadelphia, San Francisco, Houston and so on.

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