South America

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    The entire South America Asia advantage California, is called the South America. The area approximately 17.97 million square kilometers, approximately compose the world land total area 12%.

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    Is located south the The Western Hemisphere, east is close to Atlantic, west is near the Pacific Ocean, south separates the sea and the Nanchang extremely continent faces one another, north separates the Panama Canal and North America is neighboring. East the mainland to the Braun storehouse angle, the winter solstice furrow distress Germany angle, west to 帕里尼 the Yaaz angle, north to adds the Iraqi natrium Si angle.

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    The terrain may divide into three north and south to the tandem belt: West for long the Andes mountain range, eastern part for undulation plateau, middle for broad smooth plain lowly. The plain approximately composes the entire continent area 60%. The Andes Mountains span approximately 9,000 kilometers, are in the world the longest sierra. The Aconcagua mountain elevation 6,960 meters, are the South America high points. The Brazilian plateau area more than 5 million square kilometers, are in the world the area biggest plateau. The amazon plain area approximately 5.6 million square kilometers, are in the world the area biggest silting alluviation plain.
    The river system take the Andes mountain range as the watershed, the thing belongs to the Atlantic river system and the Pacific Ocean river system. The Pacific Ocean river system source short class is anxious, also alone inflow sea. Atlantic river system rivers mostly well-established, branch multitudinous, among, Amazon River is the world longest, the drainage area is broadest, the current capacity biggest rivers. The South America multi- waterfalls, the Anheer waterfall dropping variance amounts to 979 meters, is the world dropping variance biggest waterfall. The South America lake are not many. The northeast part horse pulls open the wave lake is the biggest lake.

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    The South America majority of areas are the tropical rain forest and the savanna climate. The climate characteristic is warm is moist, by the tropics primarily, continental is not remarkable. The temperature difference in a year is small. The entire continent precipitation is abundant, is in various continents a desert area smaller continent.

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    The population 327 million, approximately composes the world total population 5.6%. National ingredient quite complex, Caucasian most, next is Indoeuropean mixes the blood person and the Indian, the black are least.

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    The South America has 12 independent countries, has French Guiana and in addition the Malvinas Islands (the Falkland islands) (England, Argentina disputes) two areas.

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