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Biology is a science that studies the structure, function, occurrence, and development of organisms (including plants, animals, and microorganisms). It is a part of natural science and aims to elucidate and control life activities, transform nature, and serve practices such as agriculture, industry, and medicine. For thousands of years, our country has accumulated rich knowledge about plants, animals, microorganisms, and the human body in practices such as agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, sideline production, fishing, and medicine. In 1859, the publication of British biologist Darwin's "On the Origin of Species" established the materialist biological evolution viewpoint and promoted the rapid development of biology. Biology is one of the six basic disciplines of natural science.

Discipline Categories

Primary Discipline, Degree Granted: Bachelor of Science, Major Code 0704 Classification

Student Classification:

Undergraduates enroll by major

071001 Biology

071002 Biotechnology (Note: can be awarded a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Engineering degree)

071003 Bioinformatics (Note: can be awarded a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Engineering degree)

071004 Ecology

Graduate enrollment by secondary discipline

Botany 071001

Zoology 071002

Physiology 071003

Aquatic Biology 071004

Microbiology 071005

Neurobiology 071006

Genetics 071007

Developmental Biology 071008

Cell Biology 071009

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 071010

Biophysics 071011


▪ Morphology,▪ Physiology ,▪ Genetics,▪ Embryology,▪ Ecology ,▪ Biophysics,▪ Biomathematics ,▪ Molecular Biology ,▪ Cell Biology

Basic Courses

Advanced Mathematics , Biochemistry , Anatomy

Professional Courses

Botany, Zoology,

Course Videos

Example Problems

Test Questions

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Employment Prospects

Biology majors have broad employment prospects. Students majoring in biological science have a great opportunity to study abroad and have a wide range of career choices depending on their personal interests. Such as:

Teacher - generally working in higher education institutions, with good treatment, welfare and social status.

Researcher - working in research institutions of higher education institutions, national or large companies.

Enterprise technical personnel - working in biological products companies, enterprises, medical units.

Capitalists - using technology to invest in and set up their own companies. Related Entries

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