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Crout's Method

A Root finding technique used in LU Decomposition. It solves the $N^2$ equations
$i<j \qquad l_{i1}u_{1j}+l_{i2}u_{2j}+\ldots+l_{ii}u_{ij}=a_{ij}$
$i=j \qquad l_{i1}u_{1j}+l_{i2}u_{2j}+\ldots+l_{ii}u_{jj}=a_{ij}$
$i>j \qquad l_{i1}u_{1j}+l_{i2}u_{2j}+\ldots+l_{ij}u_{jj}=a_{ij}$
for the $N^2+N$ unknowns $l_{ij}$ and $u_{ij}$.

See also LU Decomposition


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