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Lehmer Number

A number generated by a generalization of a Lucas Sequence. Let $\alpha$ and $\beta$ be Complex Numbers with

\end{displaymath} (1)

\end{displaymath} (2)

where $Q$ and $R$ are Relatively Prime Nonzero Integers and $\alpha/\beta$ is a Root of Unity. Then the Lehmer numbers are
U_n(\sqrt{R}, Q)={\alpha^n-\beta^n\over\alpha-\beta},
\end{displaymath} (3)

and the companion numbers
V_n(\sqrt{R}, Q)=\cases{
{\alpha^n+\beta^n\over \alpha+\beta} & for $n$\ odd\cr
\alpha^n+\beta^n & for $n$\ even.\cr}
\end{displaymath} (4)


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