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Mathieu Groups

The first Simple Sporadic Groups discovered. $M_{11}$, $M_{12}$, $M_{22}$, $M_{23}$, $M_{24}$ were discovered in 1861 and 1873 by Mathieu. Frobenius showed that all the Mathieu groups are Subgroups of $M_{24}$.

The Mathieu groups are most simply defined as Automorphism groups of Steiner Systems. $M_{11}$ corresponds to $S(4,5,11)$ and $M_{23}$ corresponds to $S(4,7,23)$. $M_{11}$ and $M_{23}$ are Transitive Permutation Groups of 11 and 23 elements.

The Orders of the Mathieu groups are

\vert M_{11}\vert&=&2^4\cdot 3^2\cdot 5\cdot 11\\
\vert M_{...
...ert M_{24}\vert&=&2^{10}\cdot 3^3\cdot 5\cdot 7\cdot 11\cdot 23.

See also Sporadic Group


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