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Schröder's Method

Two families of equations used to find roots of nonlinear functions of a single variable. The ``B'' family is more robust and can be used in the neighborhood of degenerate multiple roots while still providing a guaranteed convergence rate. Almost all other root-finding methods can be considered as special cases of Schröder's method. Householder humorously claimed that papers on root-finding could be evaluated quickly by looking for a citation of Schröder's paper; if the reference were missing, the paper probably consisted of a rediscovery of a result due to Schröder (Stewart 1993).

One version of the ``A'' method is obtained by applying Newton's Method to $f/f'$,

x_{n+1}=x_n-{f(x_n)f'(x_n)\over [f'(x_n)]^2-f(x_n)f''(x_n)}

(Scavo and Thoo 1995).

See also Newton's Method


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