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Soma Cube


A solid Dissection puzzle invented by Piet Hein during a lecture on Quantum Mechanics by Werner Heisenberg. There are seven soma pieces composed of all the irregular face-joined cubes (Polycubes) with $\leq 4$ cubes. The object is to assemble the pieces into a Cube. There are 240 essentially distinct ways of doing so (Beeler et al. 1972, Berlekamp et al. 1982), as first enumerated one rainy afternoon in 1961 by J. H. Conway and Mike Guy.

A commercial version of the cube colors the pieces black, green, orange, white, red, and blue. When the 48 symmetries of the cube, three ways of assembling the black piece, and $2^5$ ways of assembling the green, orange, white, red, and blue pieces are counted, the total number of solutions rises to 1,105,920.

See also Cube Dissection, Polycube


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