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DrHuang.com plot2D

plot2D 制图2D

f(x,y,t,n) =

x=, y =
y = 0, x =

The plot2D() can plot funtion, equation, derivative, integral, polar plot, parametric plot, animation. The independent variable must be typed as x for evaluation. The time variable must be typed as t. Complex calculation must be converted to complex operator by tocomplex() before calculation and plot.

For example :

  1. sin(x)-cos(x)
  2. for implicit function of x and y, e.g. sin(x-t)-y
  3. for plot of two functions f1(x) and f2(x), the two function must have the y variable, (y-f1(x))*(y-f2(x)), e.g. (y*y+x*x-1)*(y*y+x*x-t-2)
  4. for fill, tick the fill: checkbox, the function must have the y variable, e.g. y-sin(x-t) , to change color with contour3D, e.g. contour3D( y-sin(x-t) )
  5. for equation, input sin(x-t)-cos(y)=0 or sin(x-t)-cos(y)
  6. for derivative of sin(x), tick the dy/dx: checkbox, or input ds(x=>sin(x),x)
  7. for second order derivative of sin(x), input ds(x=>sin(x),x,2)
  8. for the 0.5 order derivative = semi derivative, input ds(x=>sin(x),x,0.5)
  9. for the -0.5 order derivative = semi integral, input ds(x=>sin(x),x,-0.5)
  10. for polar plot x from the -Axis to Axis value, tick the polar: checkbox.
  11. for polar plot x from 0 to the Axis value, tick the x>0: checkbox.
  12. for parametric plot, input sin(x-t),cos(x)
  13. for animation,
    1. input sin(x), then tick the auto Axis: button;
    2. add the time t variable, input sin(x-t), then click the auto t: checkbox;
    3. add the timer(t) function and change animation speed by the different t value, input sin(x-timer(t))

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