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  Field Listing - Nationality

Afghanistan noun: Afghan(s)
adjective: Afghan
Albania noun: Albanian(s)
adjective: Albanian
Algeria noun: Algerian(s)
adjective: Algerian
American Samoa noun: American Samoan(s) (US nationals)
adjective: American Samoan
Andorra noun: Andorran(s)
adjective: Andorran
Angola noun: Angolan(s)
adjective: Angolan
Anguilla noun: Anguillan(s)
adjective: Anguillan
Antigua and Barbuda noun: Antiguan(s), Barbudan(s)
adjective: Antiguan, Barbudan
Argentina noun: Argentine(s)
adjective: Argentine
Armenia noun: Armenian(s)
adjective: Armenian
Aruba noun: Aruban(s)
adjective: Aruban; Dutch
Australia noun: Australian(s)
adjective: Australian
Austria noun: Austrian(s)
adjective: Austrian
Azerbaijan noun: Azerbaijani(s), Azeri(s)
adjective: Azerbaijani, Azeri
Bahamas, The noun: Bahamian(s)
adjective: Bahamian
Bahrain noun: Bahraini(s)
adjective: Bahraini
Bangladesh noun: Bangladeshi(s)
adjective: Bangladeshi
Barbados noun: Barbadian(s) or Bajan (colloquial)
adjective: Barbadian or Bajan (colloquial)
Belarus noun: Belarusian(s)
adjective: Belarusian
Belgium noun: Belgian(s)
adjective: Belgian
Belize noun: Belizean(s)
adjective: Belizean
Benin noun: Beninese (singular and plural)
adjective: Beninese
Bermuda noun: Bermudian(s)
adjective: Bermudian
Bhutan noun: Bhutanese (singular and plural)
adjective: Bhutanese
Bolivia noun: Bolivian(s)
adjective: Bolivian
Bosnia and Herzegovina noun: Bosnian(s), Herzegovinian(s)
adjective: Bosnian, Herzegovinian
Botswana noun: Motswana (singular), Batswana (plural)
adjective: Motswana (singular), Batswana (plural)
Brazil noun: Brazilian(s)
adjective: Brazilian
British Virgin Islands noun: British Virgin Islander(s)
adjective: British Virgin Islander
Brunei noun: Bruneian(s)
adjective: Bruneian
Bulgaria noun: Bulgarian(s)
adjective: Bulgarian
Burkina Faso noun: Burkinabe (singular and plural)
adjective: Burkinabe
Burma noun: Burmese (singular and plural)
adjective: Burmese
Burundi noun: Burundian(s)
adjective: Burundian
Cambodia noun: Cambodian(s)
adjective: Cambodian
Cameroon noun: Cameroonian(s)
adjective: Cameroonian
Canada noun: Canadian(s)
adjective: Canadian
Cape Verde noun: Cape Verdean(s)
adjective: Cape Verdean
Cayman Islands noun: Caymanian(s)
adjective: Caymanian
Central African Republic noun: Central African(s)
adjective: Central African
Chad noun: Chadian(s)
adjective: Chadian
Chile noun: Chilean(s)
adjective: Chilean
China noun: Chinese (singular and plural)
adjective: Chinese
Christmas Island noun: Christmas Islander(s)
adjective: Christmas Island
Cocos (Keeling) Islands noun: Cocos Islander(s)
adjective: Cocos Islander
Colombia noun: Colombian(s)
adjective: Colombian
Comoros noun: Comoran(s)
adjective: Comoran
Congo, Democratic Republic of the noun: Congolese (singular and plural)
adjective: Congolese or Congo
Congo, Republic of the noun: Congolese (singular and plural)
adjective: Congolese or Congo
Cook Islands noun: Cook Islander(s)
adjective: Cook Islander
Costa Rica noun: Costa Rican(s)
adjective: Costa Rican
Cote d'Ivoire noun: Ivoirian(s)
adjective: Ivoirian
Croatia noun: Croat(s), Croatian(s)
adjective: Croatian
Cuba noun: Cuban(s)
adjective: Cuban
Cyprus noun: Cypriot(s)
adjective: Cypriot
Czech Republic noun: Czech(s)
adjective: Czech
Denmark noun: Dane(s)
adjective: Danish
Djibouti noun: Djiboutian(s)
adjective: Djiboutian
Dominica noun: Dominican(s)
adjective: Dominican
Dominican Republic noun: Dominican(s)
adjective: Dominican
East Timor noun: Timorese
adjective: Timorese
Ecuador noun: Ecuadorian(s)
adjective: Ecuadorian
Egypt noun: Egyptian(s)
adjective: Egyptian
El Salvador noun: Salvadoran(s)
adjective: Salvadoran
Equatorial Guinea noun: Equatorial Guinean(s) or Equatoguinean(s)
adjective: Equatorial Guinean or Equatoguinean
Eritrea noun: Eritrean(s)
adjective: Eritrean
Estonia noun: Estonian(s)
adjective: Estonian
Ethiopia noun: Ethiopian(s)
adjective: Ethiopian
Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) noun: Falkland Islander(s)
adjective: Falkland Island
Faroe Islands noun: Faroese (singular and plural)
adjective: Faroese
Fiji noun: Fijian(s)
adjective: Fijian
Finland noun: Finn(s)
adjective: Finnish
France noun: Frenchman(men), Frenchwoman(women)
adjective: French
French Polynesia noun: French Polynesian(s)
adjective: French Polynesian
Gabon noun: Gabonese (singular and plural)
adjective: Gabonese
Gambia, The noun: Gambian(s)
adjective: Gambian
Gaza Strip noun: NA
adjective: NA
Georgia noun: Georgian(s)
adjective: Georgian
Germany noun: German(s)
adjective: German
Ghana noun: Ghanaian(s)
adjective: Ghanaian
Gibraltar noun: Gibraltarian(s)
adjective: Gibraltar
Greece noun: Greek(s)
adjective: Greek
Greenland noun: Greenlander(s)
adjective: Greenlandic
Grenada noun: Grenadian(s)
adjective: Grenadian
Guam noun: Guamanian(s) (US citizens)
adjective: Guamanian
Guatemala noun: Guatemalan(s)
adjective: Guatemalan
Guernsey noun: Channel Islander(s)
adjective: Channel Islander
Guinea noun: Guinean(s)
adjective: Guinean
Guinea-Bissau noun: Guinean(s)
adjective: Guinean
Guyana noun: Guyanese (singular and plural)
adjective: Guyanese
Haiti noun: Haitian(s)
adjective: Haitian
Holy See (Vatican City) noun: none
adjective: none
Honduras noun: Honduran(s)
adjective: Honduran
Hong Kong noun: Chinese/Hong Konger
adjective: Chinese/Hong Kong
Hungary noun: Hungarian(s)
adjective: Hungarian
Iceland noun: Icelander(s)
adjective: Icelandic
India noun: Indian(s)
adjective: Indian
Indonesia noun: Indonesian(s)
adjective: Indonesian
Iran noun: Iranian(s)
adjective: Iranian
Iraq noun: Iraqi(s)
adjective: Iraqi
Ireland noun: Irishman(men), Irishwoman(women), Irish (collective plural)
adjective: Irish
Isle of Man noun: Manxman (men), Manxwoman (women)
adjective: Manx
Israel noun: Israeli(s)
adjective: Israeli
Italy noun: Italian(s)
adjective: Italian
Jamaica noun: Jamaican(s)
adjective: Jamaican
Japan noun: Japanese (singular and plural)
adjective: Japanese
Jersey noun: Channel Islander(s)
adjective: Channel Islander
Jordan noun: Jordanian(s)
adjective: Jordanian
Kazakhstan noun: Kazakhstani(s)
adjective: Kazakhstani
Kenya noun: Kenyan(s)
adjective: Kenyan
Kiribati noun: I-Kiribati (singular and plural)
adjective: I-Kiribati
Korea, North noun: Korean(s)
adjective: Korean
Korea, South noun: Korean(s)
adjective: Korean
Kuwait noun: Kuwaiti(s)
adjective: Kuwaiti
Kyrgyzstan noun: Kyrgyzstani(s)
adjective: Kyrgyzstani
Laos noun: Lao(s) or Laotian(s)
adjective: Lao or Laotian
Latvia noun: Latvian(s)
adjective: Latvian
Lebanon noun: Lebanese (singular and plural)
adjective: Lebanese
Lesotho noun: Mosotho (singular), Basotho (plural)
adjective: Basotho
Liberia noun: Liberian(s)
adjective: Liberian
Libya noun: Libyan(s)
adjective: Libyan
Liechtenstein noun: Liechtensteiner(s)
adjective: Liechtenstein
Lithuania noun: Lithuanian(s)
adjective: Lithuanian
Luxembourg noun: Luxembourger(s)
adjective: Luxembourg
Macau noun: Chinese
adjective: Chinese
Macedonia noun: Macedonian(s)
adjective: Macedonian
Madagascar noun: Malagasy (singular and plural)
adjective: Malagasy
Malawi noun: Malawian(s)
adjective: Malawian
Malaysia noun: Malaysian(s)
adjective: Malaysian
Maldives noun: Maldivian(s)
adjective: Maldivian
Mali noun: Malian(s)
adjective: Malian
Malta noun: Maltese (singular and plural)
adjective: Maltese
Marshall Islands noun: Marshallese (singular and plural)
adjective: Marshallese
Mauritania noun: Mauritanian(s)
adjective: Mauritanian
Mauritius noun: Mauritian(s)
adjective: Mauritian
Mayotte noun: Mahorais (singular and plural)
adjective: Mahoran
Mexico noun: Mexican(s)
adjective: Mexican
Micronesia, Federated States of noun: Micronesian(s)
adjective: Micronesian; Chuukese, Kosraen(s), Pohnpeian(s), Yapese
Moldova noun: Moldovan(s)
adjective: Moldovan
Monaco noun: Monegasque(s) or Monacan(s)
adjective: Monegasque or Monacan
Mongolia noun: Mongolian(s)
adjective: Mongolian
Montenegro noun: Montenegrin(s)
adjective: Montenegrin
Montserrat noun: Montserratian(s)
adjective: Montserratian
Morocco noun: Moroccan(s)
adjective: Moroccan
Mozambique noun: Mozambican(s)
adjective: Mozambican
Namibia noun: Namibian(s)
adjective: Namibian
Nauru noun: Nauruan(s)
adjective: Nauruan
Nepal noun: Nepalese (singular and plural)
adjective: Nepalese
Netherlands noun: Dutchman(men), Dutchwoman(women)
adjective: Dutch
Netherlands Antilles noun: Dutch Antillean(s)
adjective: Dutch Antillean
New Caledonia noun: New Caledonian(s)
adjective: New Caledonian
New Zealand noun: New Zealander(s)
adjective: New Zealand
Nicaragua noun: Nicaraguan(s)
adjective: Nicaraguan
Niger noun: Nigerien(s)
adjective: Nigerien
Nigeria noun: Nigerian(s)
adjective: Nigerian
Niue noun: Niuean(s)
adjective: Niuean
Norfolk Island noun: Norfolk Islander(s)
adjective: Norfolk Islander(s)
Northern Mariana Islands noun: NA (US citizens)
adjective: NA
Norway noun: Norwegian(s)
adjective: Norwegian
Oman noun: Omani(s)
adjective: Omani
Pakistan noun: Pakistani(s)
adjective: Pakistani
Palau noun: Palauan(s)
adjective: Palauan
Panama noun: Panamanian(s)
adjective: Panamanian
Papua New Guinea noun: Papua New Guinean(s)
adjective: Papua New Guinean
Paraguay noun: Paraguayan(s)
adjective: Paraguayan
Peru noun: Peruvian(s)
adjective: Peruvian
Philippines noun: Filipino(s)
adjective: Philippine
Pitcairn Islands noun: Pitcairn Islander(s)
adjective: Pitcairn Islander
Poland noun: Pole(s)
adjective: Polish
Portugal noun: Portuguese (singular and plural)
adjective: Portuguese
Puerto Rico noun: Puerto Rican(s) (US citizens)
adjective: Puerto Rican
Qatar noun: Qatari(s)
adjective: Qatari
Romania noun: Romanian(s)
adjective: Romanian
Russia noun: Russian(s)
adjective: Russian
Rwanda noun: Rwandan(s)
adjective: Rwandan
Saint Helena noun: Saint Helenian(s)
adjective: Saint Helenian
note: referred to locally as "Saints"
Saint Kitts and Nevis noun: Kittitian(s), Nevisian(s)
adjective: Kittitian, Nevisian
Saint Lucia noun: Saint Lucian(s)
adjective: Saint Lucian
Saint Pierre and Miquelon noun: Frenchman(men), Frenchwoman(women)
adjective: French
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines noun: Saint Vincentian(s) or Vincentian(s)
adjective: Saint Vincentian or Vincentian
Samoa noun: Samoan(s)
adjective: Samoan
San Marino noun: Sammarinese (singular and plural)
adjective: Sammarinese
Sao Tome and Principe noun: Sao Tomean(s)
adjective: Sao Tomean
Saudi Arabia noun: Saudi(s)
adjective: Saudi or Saudi Arabian
Senegal noun: Senegalese (singular and plural)
adjective: Senegalese
Serbia noun: Serb(s)
adjective: Serbian
Seychelles noun: Seychellois (singular and plural)
adjective: Seychellois
Sierra Leone noun: Sierra Leonean(s)
adjective: Sierra Leonean
Singapore noun: Singaporean(s)
adjective: Singapore
Slovakia noun: Slovak(s)
adjective: Slovak
Slovenia noun: Slovene(s)
adjective: Slovenian
Solomon Islands noun: Solomon Islander(s)
adjective: Solomon Islander
Somalia noun: Somali(s)
adjective: Somali
South Africa noun: South African(s)
adjective: South African
Spain noun: Spaniard(s)
adjective: Spanish
Sri Lanka noun: Sri Lankan(s)
adjective: Sri Lankan
Sudan noun: Sudanese (singular and plural)
adjective: Sudanese
Suriname noun: Surinamer(s)
adjective: Surinamese
Swaziland noun: Swazi(s)
adjective: Swazi
Sweden noun: Swede(s)
adjective: Swedish
Switzerland noun: Swiss (singular and plural)
adjective: Swiss
Syria noun: Syrian(s)
adjective: Syrian
Taiwan noun: Taiwan (singular and plural)
note: example - he or she is from Taiwan; they are from Taiwan
adjective: Taiwan
Tajikistan noun: Tajikistani(s)
adjective: Tajikistani
Tanzania noun: Tanzanian(s)
adjective: Tanzanian
Thailand noun: Thai (singular and plural)
adjective: Thai
Togo noun: Togolese (singular and plural)
adjective: Togolese
Tokelau noun: Tokelauan(s)
adjective: Tokelauan
Tonga noun: Tongan(s)
adjective: Tongan
Trinidad and Tobago noun: Trinidadian(s), Tobagonian(s)
adjective: Trinidadian, Tobagonian
Tunisia noun: Tunisian(s)
adjective: Tunisian
Turkey noun: Turk(s)
adjective: Turkish
Turkmenistan noun: Turkmen(s)
adjective: Turkmen
Turks and Caicos Islands noun: none
adjective: none
Tuvalu noun: Tuvaluan(s)
adjective: Tuvaluan
Uganda noun: Ugandan(s)
adjective: Ugandan
Ukraine noun: Ukrainian(s)
adjective: Ukrainian
United Arab Emirates noun: Emirati(s)
adjective: Emirati
United Kingdom noun: Briton(s), British (collective plural)
adjective: British
United States noun: American(s)
adjective: American
Uruguay noun: Uruguayan(s)
adjective: Uruguayan
Uzbekistan noun: Uzbekistani
adjective: Uzbekistani
Vanuatu noun: Ni-Vanuatu (singular and plural)
adjective: Ni-Vanuatu
Venezuela noun: Venezuelan(s)
adjective: Venezuelan
Vietnam noun: Vietnamese (singular and plural)
adjective: Vietnamese
Virgin Islands noun: Virgin Islander(s) (US citizens)
adjective: Virgin Islander
Wallis and Futuna noun: Wallisian(s), Futunan(s), or Wallis and Futuna Islanders
adjective: Wallisian, Futunan, or Wallis and Futuna Islander
West Bank noun: NA
adjective: NA
Western Sahara noun: Sahrawi(s), Sahraoui(s)
adjective: Sahrawi, Sahrawian, Sahraouian
Yemen noun: Yemeni(s)
adjective: Yemeni
Zambia noun: Zambian(s)
adjective: Zambian
Zimbabwe noun: Zimbabwean(s)
adjective: Zimbabwean

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