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The People's Republic of China

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    The Chinese area 9.6 million square kilometers, are the Asian territory area biggest countries, in the world multitudinous country, is only inferior to Russia and Canada, occupies the world third. North the Chinese territory Mohe River by the northern Heilongjiang middle of a river, south to Nansha Islands' zengmu reef, the north and south is distanced 5,500 kilometers; East gets up Heilongjiang and Wusuli River convergence place. West to the Pamirs, the thing is distanced 5,200 kilometers. Land boundary long approximately 22,800 kilometers. Mainland China eastern part and south borders on Bohai Sea, Yellow Sea, East China Sea and the South China Sea. Sea area area approximately 4.73 million square kilometers. Has sells goods for the state islands 5,400. The China sea waterfront total length is 32,000 kilometers, continental sea waterfront 18,000 kilometers, islands coastline long 14,000 kilometers.
   West the Chinese topography Gao Dongdi assumes the steps and ladders shape to drop by the level. The highest level of steps and ladders are the Qinghai-Tibet Plain, above the average elevation 4,000 meters, is known as "the roof of the world". The second level of steps and ladders by inner Mongolian plain, the loess plateau, the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau and the Tarim basin, accurate Ge you the basin, the sichuan pendi constitute, average elevation 1,000 meters to 2,000 meters. From Daxinanling, Mount Taihang, Wushan and the snowy peak piedmont to the east to the coastline, the topography drop to the elevation 500 to 1,000 meters for the third level of steps and ladders. The fourth level of steps and ladders are the Chinese continental shelf shallow sea area, the water depth equally not to 200 meters. The national each kind of terrain percentage is: The mountainous region accounts for 33%, the plateau accounts for 26%, the knoll accounts for 10%, the basin accounts for 19%, the plain accounts for 12%.
    Southwest is famous "the roof of the world" - Qinghai-Tibet Plain, the edge is the world biggest sierra - Himalaya Mountains, Mount Everest is the world first peak, the elevation 8,848 meters. Within the boundaries also has the Altay, Tianshan, Kunlun Mountain, Daxinanling, Changbaishang mountain and so on the main sierra; Has Qinghai and Xizang, the loess, Yunnan and Kweichow, the Inner Mongolian four big plateaus; Northeast, North China, middle and lower reaches Yangtze River and so on three great plains. Yangtze River is the Chinese first river, the world third river, the span 6,300 kilometers. The Beijing Hangzhou canal long 1,801 kilometers, are in the world the longest canal. The offshore islands are more, the Island of Taiwan is the biggest islands, next is Hainan Island. A bigger lake has Poyang Lake, Dongting Lake, Tai Lake and so on. Lake Qinghai is biggest salty Shui Hu.

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    The weather pattern complex is diverse, the majority of areas are located the North temperate zone and the subtropics, is the continental monsoon climatic region. The majority of local four seasons are distinct, winter cold Xia Re. Because vast in territory, terrain complex, the elevation difference is disparate, thus has the many and varied weather pattern. Our country temperate zone by the southing north is in turn the tropics, the subtropics, warm belt, center temperate zone, cold warm belt, in addition also has a Qinghai-Tibet Plain vertical temperate zone.
    In the Chinese most north Heilongjiang Province Mohe River area, is located the north latitude 53° by the north, is the cold temperate climate, but in the most south Hainan Province zengmu reef is apart from the equator only to have 400 kilometers, is the equatorial climate, the north and south each place temperature difference is extremely disparate. Winter, Chinese general areas great distance ice-bound, Wan Lixue flutters, Mohe River area in January average temperature -30 ℃ about, but the this time Hainan Sanya's average temperature actually surpasses 20 ℃. Our country winter temperature characteristic is the majority of local winter cold, the north and south temperature difference is big. Summer, as a result of this time sunlight perpendicular incidence in Northern Hemisphere, north the daytime quite is long, the light which obtains hotly differs with the south slightly, therefore, besides the topography specially high Qinghai-Tibet Plain, the national universal high temperature, the north and south temperature difference is not big.
The Chinese majority of areas the sea warm wet air current influence, the precipitation quite are been rich, but the precipitation has the local distribution and the time assignment non-uniformity. Eastern part many, west few, to northwest gradually decreases by the southeast, and, concentrates in the summer, south rainy season long, concentrates in 5-10 month, north the rainy season is short, concentrates in July, in August. The precipitation has the year many, has year few, the year border change is very big.
    The Chinese major part area is situated at the Tropic of Cancer by the north, the winter sun incidence angle slightly, sunshine time short, obtains sunlight heat less, moreover are less toward North Vietnam; Summer sunlight perpendicular incidence in Northern Hemisphere, thus obtains the light hot generally increases, also the sunshine time is long.

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    In 2005 the Chinese total population is 1.3 billion, accounts for the world population 6.4 billion 1/5, is in the world population most countries. Among them, the urban population 480.64 million people, account for 37.7%; The rural population 795.63 million people, account for 62.3%. Whole year only increases the population 8.84 million people, the natural rate of growth is 6.95 ‰. The population density is 130 person of/square kilometers. Altogether has 56 nationalities, the Han Nationality accounts for the national population 92%. General Chinese.

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    The freedom of religious belief, generally believes in Buddhism, the Taoism, the Islamism, Christianity and so on.

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    The Chinese history culture is glorious, is one of world ancient nations. Has more than 5,000 years history, has experienced the primitive society, the slave society, starts from 475 B.C. Warring States time to enter the feudal society. After in 1840 the Opium War gradually degenerated into the semifeudal and semicolonial country. In 1911 Sun Yat-Sen led 1911 Revolution, has overthrown the feudal monarchy at one fell swoop. In 1919 "54 movements" symbolized the New Democratic Revolution stage start. In 1921 the Communist Party of China had been established, has established the People's Republic of China to 1949 October 1. National Day is on October 1.

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      The main various national tradition holiday has lunar calendar in first lunar month first day the Spring Festival, lunar calendar in first lunar month 15 festival of lanterns, lunar calendar in first lunar month sets up the Spring Festival, lunar calendar in first lunar month 30 eats sets up the festival, lunar calendar in February first day catches up with the bird festival, lunar calendar in February two in February two (dragon 台头, second day of the second lunar month), lunar calendar in March three on already festival, lunar calendar in March (solar calendar on April 5) the Qingming Festival, lunar calendar in March begs escapes begs 迪尔 the festival, lunar calendar in April eighth day the bathing the buddha festival, lunar calendar in May fifth day Dragon Boat Festival (tours mountain to meet), lunar calendar in June six in June six (festival of sixth day of sixth lunar month, exposes to the sun insect festival), lunar calendar in July seventh day Seventh night of the seventh lunar month (乞巧节, daughter festival, young girl festival, pair seven, fragrant bridge meeting, festival of the seventh night of the seventh lunar month meeting, magpie bridge meeting, fragrant date), lunar calendar in July 15 festival of the fifteenth day of the seventh lunar month (feast of lanterns festival, ghosts' festival, item Lian Jie, half lunar new year's season, seven middle of month), lunar calendar in August 15 Midautumn Festival (mid-autumn festival, in August festival, and festival, daughter festival, fall evening festival), lunar calendar at the end of August (festival time one day) mare's milk festival, lunar calendar in September nine double ninth festivals (heavy maternal aunt festival, in September nine, climb up festival, daughter festival, fruit of a medicinal cornel festival, chrysanthemum festival), lunar calendar in October first day Qiang year, lunar calendar in October Sets up the winter, lunar calendar in November first day the winter (raises festival, eats raises, the Dong year), lunar calendar in December last the day evening lunar New Year's Eve (lunar new year's eve, year 30, lunar new year's eve), the summer fall season offers a sacrifice to "Mongolian cairn" when holds (generally once a year) the Nadam congress, the Islamism experience March 12 saint discipline festival (saint festival, saint discipline, manages saint meeting, saint Ji Jie, braves the Luther festival), the Islamism experience October 1 lesser bairam, the Islamism experience December 10 Corban (宰牲节, to offer domestic animal festival, 忠孝 festival), the Zang calendar on first lunar month 1 (Lhasa) (the Qamdo Zang calendar On November 1, south of year Chu river local Zang calendar on December 1) the Tibetan calendar (Luo river Saar), in Zang calendar first lunar month the half a month summons, the Zang calendar April 15 Sakka' (Tibet) reaches the tile festival (沙岗 to reach the baby [ Monba minority ] [ for to commemorate day which Buddha is born, died, achieves Buddhahood ]), Zang calendar in July first day (continuously 4, 5 days) Sour Milk Drinking Festival (Tibetan opera festival), Zang calendar at the beginning of July (week time) Bathing Festival (bathes week, 嘎 Masurium Riji).

    The traveling festival celebrates mainly has the Heilongjiang Harbin from January 5 to February 5 snow and ice festival, Jilin from January 6 to 20th the frost tree festival, Beijing Yenking January 15 ice lantern festival, Guangdong Guangzhou from February 4 to the 7th Spring Festival flower market, the Tianjin Spring Festival international lunar new year's painting festival, the Qinghai colleague from February 13 to the 21st Buddhism ceremony, Jiangsu Nanjing February 18 Jinling lantern festival, Jiangsu Changzhou February 18 lantern festival, Guizhou Anshun from February 18 to the 21st place play, Guizhou 凯里 and melts the water February 19 the Lusheng festival, Sichuan Zigong at the beginning of February to the beginning of March Zigong international dinosaur lantern festival, the Qinghai 塔尔 temple February 18 Buddhism ceremony, the Yunnan awn city and 畹町 the March 1 item brain vertical song, Qinghai helps mutually in March from 3 to 7th (the Turk nationality lunar calendar on February 2) the catwalk rural fair, Yunnan Tengchung on March 22 (lunar calendar in February eighth day) knife ladder festival, Jiangsu Nantong in March 23 to 25th Nantong international kite festival, Jiangsu Yangchow on March 24 ship temple fair, Shandong Weifang April 1 Weifang international kite festival, Guangxi Nanning and Liuzhou and Guilin in April On 5th (lunar calendar on March 3) song dike festival, Guangxi three rivers April 5 fireworks festival, Jiangsu Wuxi from April 5 to 15th oriental cherry festival, Zhejiang Shaoxing April 7 Shao liquor festival, Jiangsu Suzhou from April 8 to 15th Suzhou ancient botanical garden art festival, Beijing April 10 first day of the third lunar month, Jiangsu Yixing from April 10 to 12th Yixing ceramics festival, Yunnan Xishuangbanna from April 13 to 15th Dai national minority water-sprinkling festival, Fujian Meizhou on April 25 (on October 4) Ma Zu festival, Shandong Heze at the end of April Heze peony flower show, Yunnan Dali state on April 17 (lunar calendar on March 15) the Bai National Minority fair in third lunar month, Henan Luoyang from April 15 to the 25th Luoyang peony festival, Hebei Baoding from May 16 to the 20th international herbal medicine grass, the Hubei Yichang (Guangzhou, Shenzhen, the Sichuan Leshan, the Fujian Xiamen) June 5 dragon boat festival, Shandong Qingdao from June 23 to the 30th international beer festival, Guangdong Shenzhen from June to July litchi knottiness, Zhejiang Jiaojiang June 3 international fishes the festival, Qinghai Xining from July 3 to 9th lunar calendar in June the artistic week, Guizhou Taikiang from July 24 to 27th dragon boat festival, Yunnan and Sichuan from July 23 to 25th flare festival, Gansu Jiayuguan in July international glide festival, Shanxi Wutai Mountain from July to August Wutai Mountain international traveling festival, Tibet Lhasa from August 10 to 14th Sour Milk Drinking Festival, Jilin Yanbian August 15 Yanbian old person Japan, Xinjiang Turfan from August 20 to 26th grape festival, Shanxi Linfen from August 25 to September 25 percussion instrument festival, Shaanxi Lintong from September 1 to 14th pomegranate festival, Jilin Fusong from September 5 to 7th The Changbaishang mountain ginseng festival, Jiangsu Suzhou went sightseeing the festival from September 8 to the 12th Chinese silk, Shaanxi Xi'an from September 9 to the 15th ancient civilization art festival, Zhejiang Haining from September 9 to the 15th view moist festival, Guangdong Meixian on September 11 (lunar calendar on August 15) the midautumn festival folk song festival, Ningxia Yinchuan from September 12 to the 22nd Ningxia international Yellow River culture festival, Shandong Qufu from September 26 to October 10 international Kong Zi culture festival, the Hunan Liuyang September international fireworks festival, the Shandong Tai'an September Taishan international mountaineering festival, Jiangxi Yingtan 10 The month from 3rd to the 9th dragon Hushan culture week, Anhui Ma'anshan October 4 Ma'anshan international poetry reading festival, Hebei Cangzhou in October 9 to the 11th Cangzhou military art festival, Jiangxi Jingdezhen from October 10 to the 14th Jingdezhen international ceramics festival, Zhejiang Zhoushan October 14 Putuo religious rite, Guangdong Liennan lien-nan November 10 folk song festival, Jiangxi Jiujiang mid-November watches the migratory bird week, Guangdong Shantou at the end of December the Chaoxian good food festival.

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Historical site Returns to the page head

    Beijing: Imperial Palace, Great Wall (within the boundaries of Beijing famous having, the Badaling Great Wall, the Mutian Valley Great Wall and the Sima Great Wall), the Choukoution Peking man ruins, the Temple of Heaven, the harmonious palace, the bright Ming Tombs, the cloud occupies the temple;

    Shaanxi: Xi'an Chin Shihhuang mausoleum and burial figures of warriors and horses pit, Xi'an city wall, wild goose tower, half slope ruins, stele forest, mosque, method temple, dry mausoleum, cyclopentadiene mausoleum;

    Tianjin: Huang Yaguan ancient Great Wall, top temple, day palace;

    Shanghai: 玉 Buddhist temple, Song Qingling former dwelling, old region of rivers and lakes.

    Jiangsu: spirit Gu Si, Confucian temple, cold Shan Si, tiger earthen mound;

    Hebei: Shanhai Pass, the old main item, clear Dongling, governor the government office, Dingzhou found a nation tower, Xuanhua old city, the town new moon building, the Qingyuan building, the jellyfish palace, Man Chenghan the grave, the greatly kind Chinese style pavilion, adjoins Lu Si, prosperously is popular the temple, Handan therefore the city, 安济 the bridge, the sound hall mountain rock cave, the Shexian Wa imperial palace;

    Gansu: Dunhuang Mogao Caves, splendid spirit temple, Jiayuguan, 塔尔 temple;

    Ningxia: West Summer king Ling, sea pagoda, South Gate mosque;

    Shandong: Qufu Confucian Residence, Confucian temple, Konglin, Kong Zi former dwelling, Meng Miao, Mencius former dwelling, 孟 mother forest, thousand Foshan, Penglai Chinese style pavilion, water city;

    Henan: Shaolin Temple, the Yin Dynasty ruins, the Tianning temple tower, the government office town god's temple, observe the stars, Tallin, the lofty mountain temple tower, Song Duyu the street, Long Ting, the iron tower, Xiangguo Temple, the Baogong ancestral hall, the Longmen Grottoes, the Luoyang ancient grave museum, Guan Lin, the Baima Temple, 虢 the country tomb and the chariot pit, 虢 the Chinese and the valuable wheel temple tower;

    Sichuan: Leshan Giant Buddha, Du Fu thatched house, 武侯祠;

    Tibet: Potala Palace, Jokhang Monastery, Tashilhunpo Monastery, Bai Jusi, ten thousand pagodas;

    Hubei: Mount Wudang ancient architectural complex, obvious mausoleum, yellow crane building, Jing Zhou old city;

    Hunan: Mawangdui Hanmu, mountain foothill academy, 天心 Chinese style pavilion, Yoyang building, Qu Zici;

    Guangdong: Chen Jiaci, Liurong Temple, ancestral temple, Southern China imperial sacrifices temple;

    Liaoning: Shenyang Imperial Palace, illustrious mausoleum, temple of Confucian learning; Jilin puppet manchukuo government imperial palace;

    Shanxi: Pingyao old city, cloud post rock cave, Wutai Mountain, Yinghsien wooden tower, Mt. Hengshan hanging temple, Jin ancestral hall, double tower temple;

    Inner Mongolian: Genghis Khan mausoleum;

    Chongqing: greatly full carved stone, alternate capital vestige;

    The cloud Southern University view building, the palace, the Dali three towers, gracefully fly Long Qunta, the Zhejiang spirit hide the temple, six and the tower, a day Chinese style pavilion;

    Fujian: mother ancestral temple, New Year temple, pure temple;

    Anhui: Twankay tea Laokay;

    Jiangxi: leaps Wang Ge;

    Hainan: sea auspicious grave, five male ancestral halls;

    Xinjiang: Gao Changgu city, cypress unwearied effort Krick Thousand Buddhas Cave, Arab League Si Tanei - 哈拉 and outstanding ancient grave group and so on.

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    Beijing: Badaling, the Summer Palace, Old Summer Palace, the Great Hall of the People, Liulichang, North Sea, the Chinese nation garden, the world park, the Xiangshan park, view Mountain, the zoo and the ocean sea hall, the television tower;

    Tianjin: classical Chinese literature street, Yangliuqing painting society, Panshan;

    Shaanxi: 华清pool;

    Anhui: Huangshan Mountain, Jiuhaua, Langya mountain, uneven Yunshan, Tienchu mountain;

    Chongqing: Jinfo, four sides mountain, red Yunshan;

    Fujian: Gulangyu - ten thousand rocky mountains, the crown 豸 mountain, 海坛, the clear source mountain, Jinhu, the Tailao, the haven hole - scale hides the hoodoo, the mandarin duck brook, the Mount Wuyi scenery scenic spot area, the Gu, south Puto;

    Gansu: Kongtong, Maiji, cry Shashan - crescent moon spring, Lake Qinghai, Niao Island;

    Guangdong Danxia Mountain, Xijiao Mountain, Zhaoqing star lake, Zhongshan memorial hall, Shenzhen immortal lake, Seven Star Crag, Dinghu Mountain, nine 泷 18 beaches;

    Inner Mongolian: 希拉 solemn kind prairie, Kudzu root 塔拉 prairie, Iraqi ancient illustrious pledge sound sand 湾;

    Liaoning: ice valley scenic spot, Anshan Qian mountain, Bijia;

    Jilin: movie city, Songhua Lake, dragon Tanshan Lu Chang, Changbaishang mountain day pond and nature protection area;

    Heilongjiang: sun island, Songhua River tour area, Daqing Oil Field, Chingpo lake scenic spot;

    Shanghai: museum, Henan garden, Huangpu River, Lu Xun memorial hall, Qingpu traveling area Prospect Garden;

    Guangxi: Guilin Lijiang River, the Guiping Xishan, the flowered mountain, Yangshuo, the reed flute crag, folds the color mountain, the trunk mountain, Longtan, the fish Yi, the Guizhou Chishui, the red maple tree lake, the yellow fruit tree, 荔波 the camphor tree river, the dragon palace, Ma Linghe the canyon, 织金 the hole;

    Hainan: Sanya, east the mountain ridge, the seashore, the ends of the earth, Lebanon fill;

    Shandong: Taishan scenery scenic spot area, Baotu Spring, Ming Dynasty lake, Mount Laoshan, Shi Dao, Liu Kung Island, gold coast;

    Hebei: dark green crag mountain, Chende evading bureau mountain village and outside eight temples, Qinhangdao Beidaihe, day 桂Mountain, wild three slopes, 嶂 rhododendron obtusum, Baiyang Marsh, Wuling, yard;

    Henan: Jigong, Huashan, Lintong Li;

    Jiangxi: Mount Lushan, Jingdezhen, eight mountains people calligraphy and painting hall;

    Jiangsu: Suzhou classical botanical garden, Zhongshan Cemetary, the Qinhuai River wind band of light, the Tai Lake scenic spot, 蠡 garden, send the smooth garden, the clumsy political garden, keeps the garden, Shouxi lake, Jinshan, Mount Jiaoshan;

    Henan: 邙 mountain Yellow River tour area, Sanmen Straits;

    Hubei: East Lake, Wuhan Changjiang Bridge, Chinese sturgeon hall, Gezhou Dam hydro-junction project;

    Hunan: Dongting Lake, 张家界, emperor mountain, rope brook valley;

    Sichuan: Mt. Emei, Gongga, Jiuzhaigou scenic spot scenic spot, Huanglong scenic spot scenic spot, sword gate Suchuan road, Suchuan moso bamboo sea, Qingcheng - Dujiang weirs, four girls mountains, west range snowy mountain;

    Ningxia: Sha Hu travels the area, Tianjin Panshan;

    Xinjiang: Tianshan day pond, Xinjiang national minority exhibition hall, flame mountain, grape ditch, ridge well;

    Tibet: elegant 砻 river, Norbu Lingka, Bakuo street;

    Yunnan: Dali, Jianshui, nine townships, Kunming Yunnan pond, Lijiang jade dragon snowy mountain, hoodoo, Swiss Lijiang, three Jiang Bingliu, Daying Jiang, Tengchung geothermy volcano, Xishuangbanna, Xishan, Arab League hut ancient hole, Pai nationality stockaded village, butterfly spring, graceful scenery blue Dai national minority stockaded village, courageous sacrificial tropics botanical garden;

    Guizhou: yellow fruit tree waterfall, dragon palace, 织金 hole, red maple tree lake, flowered brook nationality scenic spot, triumphant early morning nationality character and style stockaded village;

    Zhejiang: Fuchunjiang River - Xin'an river, Hangzhou Xihu, Moganshan, cedar brook river, Putuo, 嵊泗列 islands, Mt. Tiantai, double dragon, 仙都, Xuedou, Yandangshan, yellow natural tunnel, in the style of antiquity garden, Hu Qingyu hall Chinese native medicine museum, Qiandao Lake;

    Hubei: and Sichuan's Three Gorges of the Yangtze River;

    Shanxi: and Shaanxi's Yellow River Hukou waterfall and so on.


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    Capital Beijing. The biggest city is Shanghai, and the main cities are Tianjin, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Nanjing, Hong Kong and so on.

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    Beijing: flavor snack has 艾窝窝, Jiao Quan, the soybean milk, 驴打滚, the pea-flour cake, fries the liver to explode the stomach, the sausage, the clear water 羊头, 卤 cook burns down.

    Hebei: good food has the white meat cover to burn down, Ma Jialao the chicken shop Islamic 卤 cook chicken, the Chinese scholartree cyclopentadiene pickled vegetables, Bai Yunzhang the steamed stuffed bun.

    Tianjin: good food has the dog to pay no attention to the steamed stuffed bun, 18 streets cassiabarktrees originates 麻花, the ear eye fried cake, the fruit kernel open, collapses the bean open.

    Shandong: flavor snack plate spinning cake, digs up the chicken, eight batches of fruits, the sugar crisp fried cake, the arhat cake, the money is crisp, steams the honey three knives, the Tai'an fried cake, the Tai'an white bee food, the bean curd bamboo mat, the red scale fish, the wild herbs feast, sauce Bao Gua, the sauce rubs the eggplant, Shan Yazao, Qufu 熏豆腐, the Confucian Residence cakes and pastries, a trepang, the overlord other professional female entertainer, the Eight Immortals crosses ocean noisy Luo Han, Jin Gougua the strip, the Shi Jing and Li Ji gingko, roasts the basket of flowers chum salmon, an egg hatches the double phoenix, the deity duck.


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    Beijing: special product being learned, silk flower, silk person, closionne, jade carving, 牙雕, palace lantern, Poris cocos cake, Beijing dry fruit candied and preserved fruit.

    Hebei: special product has Baoding not to be spring old, Man Chengxue the peach, Man Chengda the persimmon, slightly draws the shop reed wool watermelon, the Baoding healthy body ball, the Baoding pickled vegetables, the deep state honey peach, the Chaohsien snow ormosia henryi, Shijiazhuang digs up the chicken, the gold thread small jujube, the wharf rice, the wharf lotus root, 滏 the river carp, the persimmon, the Chinese prickly ash, the walnut, 软枣, the large Chinese hawthorn (Chinese hawthorn), 酸枣, the jade Cao watermelon, the Chinese toon, the Chinese scholartree cowpea, the preserved egg, the ceramics.

    Henan: special product has the Chinese hawthorn, the walnut, the Chinese chestnut, the dried persimmon, the red jujube, the watermelon, the positive pear, "the scarlet gown" the Chinese prickly ash, the road junction burns the chicken, five spirits refers to, Huang Qi, the codonopsis pilosula, the bupleurum chinensis.

    Tianjin: special product has the clay figurine open the painted sculpture, the Yangliuqing lunar new year's painting, the pear, the whitebait, the minor stop rice.

    Shandong: special product has the asses' glue, the sorghum 饴, south the intestines, the meat dishes chicken, 羽毛画, the surface models, embroiders the flower, the black ceramic, the ganoderma lucidum, the dried fish stone, the Chinese chestnut, the raw material for medicine, 红玉 the apricot, the swallow stone product, the tablet pastes, the Chinese picture develops in the piece, Lu top five (the Confucian Residence liquor, regular script carves pleasant, the entire wool rug, main item walking stick and Nepali Shan Shiyan), the Qufu three treasures (rubbing from a stone inscription, regular script vulture, Nepali mountain inkstone), the Qufu high-quality rice, the fruit day apricot, the mineral water, the Confucian Residence cakes and pastries.


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   The nation has completed transportation network and so on the railroad, road, water transportation, aviation. Since the reform and open policy, our country highway construction enterprise has obtained the huge achievement. The national road total quantity and the technical structure has had very sweeping change, is rapid take the highway as representative's first-class highway development, county township road fast growth. To 2000 year's end, the national road total course has amounted to 1.6798 million kilometers, highway 16,300 kilometers, rank road 1.3159 million kilometers; Highway bridge 278,800, 1031.18 myriameter; Highway tunnel 1,684, 62.77 myriameter; Road density 17.5 kilometers/hundred square kilometers.

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    There are many hotels in China.

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