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Cantor Function

The function whose values are

{1\over 2}\left({{c_1\over 2}+\ldots+{c_{m-1}\over 2^{m-1}}+{2\over 2^m}}\right)

for any number between

a\equiv {c_1\over 3}+\ldots+{c_{m-1}\over 3^{m-1}}+{1\over 3^m}


b\equiv {c_1\over 3}+\ldots+{c_{m-1}\over 3^{m-1}}+{2\over 3^m}.

Chalice (1991) shows that any real-valued function $F(x)$ on [0, 1] which is Monotone Increasing and satisfies
1. $F(0)=0$,

2. $F(x/3)=F(x)/2$,

3. $F(1-x)=1-F(x)$
is the Cantor function.

See also Cantor Set, Devil's Staircase


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