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Enriques Surfaces

An Enriques surface $X$ is a smooth compact complex surface having irregularity $q(X)=0$ and nontrivial canonical sheaf $K_X$ such that $K_X^2=O_X$ (Endraß). Such surfaces cannot be embedded in projective 3-space, but there nonetheless exist transformations onto singular surfaces in projective 3-space. There exists a family of such transformed surfaces of degree six which passes through each edge of a Tetrahedron twice. A subfamily with tetrahedral symmetry is given by the two-parameter ($r,c$) family of surfaces


and the polynomial $f_r$ is a sphere with radius $r$,
$ -2(1+r)(x_0x_1+x_0x_2+x_0x_3+x_1x_2+x_1x_3+x_2x_3)$


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