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Finsler Space

A general space based on the Line Element

ds=F(x^1, \ldots, x^n; dx^1, \ldots, dx^n),

with $F(x,y)>0$ for $y\not=0$ a function on the Tangent Bundle $T(M)$, and homogeneous of degree 1 in $y$. Formally, a Finsler space is a Differentiable Manifold possessing a Finsler Metric. Finsler geometry is Riemannian Geometry without the restriction that the Line Element be quadratic and of the form


A compact boundaryless Finsler space is locally Minkowskian Iff it has 0 ``flag curvature.''

See also Finsler Metric, Hodge's Theorem, Riemannian Geometry, Tangent Bundle


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