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An invariant of an Elliptic Curve given in the form $y^2=x^3+ax+b$ which is closely related to the Discriminant and defined by

j(E)\equiv{2^8 3^3 a^3\over 4a^3+27b^2}.

The determination of $j$ as an Algebraic Integer in the Quadratic Field $\Bbb{Q}(j)$ is discussed by Greenhill (1891), Weber (1902), Berwick (1928), Watson (1938), Gross and Zaiger (1985), and Dorman (1988). The norm of $j$ in $\Bbb{Q}(j)$ is the Cube of an Integer in $\Bbb{Z}$.

See also Discriminant (Elliptic Curve), Elliptic Curve, Frey Curve


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