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Jordan-Hölder Theorem

The composition quotient groups belonging to two Composition Series of a Finite Group $G$ are, apart from their sequence, Isomorphic in pairs. In other words, if

I\subset H_s \subset \ldots \subset H_2 \subset H_1 \subset G

is one Composition Series and

I\subset K_t \subset \ldots \subset K_2 \subset K_1 \subset G

is another, then $t=s$, and corresponding to any composition quotient group $K_j/K_{j+1}$, there is a composition quotient group $H_i/H_{i+1}$ such that

{K_j\over K_{j+1}}={H_i\over H_{i+1}}.

This theorem was proven in 1869-1889.

See also Composition Series, Finite Group, Isomorphic Groups


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