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Polynomial Bar Norm

For $p=\sum a_j z^j$, define

\vert\vert P\vert\vert _1 &=& \int_0^{2\pi} \vert P(e^{i\theta...
...vert\vert _\infty &=& {\rm max}_{\vert z\vert=1} \vert P(z)\vert

\vert P\vert _1 &=&\sum_j \vert a_j\vert\\
\vert P\vert _2 &=...
\vert P\vert _\infty&=&{\rm max}_j \vert a_j\vert,

where the $\vert\vert P\vert\vert _i$ norms are functions on the Unit Circle and the $\vert P\vert _i$ norms refer to the Coefficients $a_0$, ..., $a_n$.

See also Bombieri Norm, Norm, Unit Circle


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