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A multiplicative factor (usually indexed) such as one of the constants $a_i$ in the Polynomial $a_nx^n+a_{n-1}x^{n-1}+\ldots+a_2x^2+a_1x+a_0$.

See also Binomial Coefficient, Cartan Torsion Coefficient, Central Binomial Coefficient, Clebsch-Gordan Coefficient, Coefficient Field, Commutation Coefficient, Connection Coefficient, Correlation Coefficient, Cross-Correlation Coefficient, Excess Coefficient, Gaussian Coefficient, Lagrangian Coefficient, Multinomial Coefficient, Pearson's Skewness Coefficients, Product-Moment Coefficient of Correlation, Quartile Skewness Coefficient, Quartile Variation Coefficient, Racah V-Coefficient, Racah W-Coefficient, Regression Coefficient, Roman Coefficient, Triangle Coefficient, Undetermined Coefficients Method, Variation Coefficient

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