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Power Tower

a\uparrow\uparrow k\equiv \underbrace{{a}^{{a}^{\cdot^{\cdot^{\cdot^{a}}}}}\!\!}_{k}\,,

where $\uparrow$ is Knuth's (1976) Arrow Notation.

a\uparrow^k n = a\uparrow^{k-1} [a\uparrow^k (n-1)].

The infinite power tower $x\uparrow\uparrow\infty=x^{x^{\cdot^{\cdot^\cdot}}}$ converges Iff $e^{-e}\leq x\leq e^{1/e}$ ( $0.0659\leq x\leq 1.4446$).

See also Ackermann Function, Fermat Number, Mills' Constant


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