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Rational Number

A number that can be expressed as a Fraction $p/q$ where $p$ and $q$ are Integers and $q\not=0$, is called a rational number with Numerator $p$ and Denominator $q$. Numbers which are not rational are called Irrational Numbers. Any rational number is trivially also an Algebraic Number.

For $a$, $b$, and $c$ any different rational numbers, then


is the Square of a rational number (Honsberger 1991). The probability that a random rational number has an Even Denominator is 1/3 (Beeler et al. 1972, Item 54).

See also Algebraic Integer, Algebraic Number, Anomalous Cancellation, Denominator, Dirichlet Function, Fraction, Integer, Irrational Number, Numerator, Quotient, Transcendental Number


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