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Sociable Numbers

Numbers which result in a periodic Aliquot Sequence. If the period is 1, the number is called a Perfect Number. If the period is 2, the two numbers are called an Amicable Pair. If the period is $t\geq 3$, the number is called sociable of order $t$. Only two sociable numbers were known prior to 1970, the sets of orders 5 and 28 discovered by Poulet (1918). In 1970, Cohen discovered nine groups of order 4.

The table below summarizes the number of sociable cycles known as given in the compilation by Moews (1995).

Order Known
3 0
4 38
5 1
6 2
8 2
9 1
28 1

See also Aliquot Sequence, Perfect Number, Unitary Sociable Numbers


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