Seventh chapter  female reproductive system

In the female reproductive system, also may divide into the reproductive organ and the external genital organs according to the organ shape and the function. In the reproductive organ reproductive gland is an ovary, reproduces the pipeline to have the oviduct, the womb and the vagina. The attached gland has the vestibule big gland.

In first  section reproductive organ

Second, oviduct

(1) position shape

 The oviduct continually to womb two sides, assumes long and is curving speaker-shape, the inside end passes the womb by the oviduct womb mouth, the flank end 腔口 passes the abdominal cavity by the oviduct abdomen.

(2) branch 

The oviduct by the introversion outside is in turn the womb department, the canyon, the pot abdomen, the funnel department.

1. wombs department

Puts on in the womb wall the part.

2. canyons

Short and is thin, the clinical oviduct ties up often chooses the spot.

3. pots abdomens

Thicker, ova often in this fertilization.

4. funnels department

Assumes the funnel shape, the terminal has many drifts away to refer to the shape to break out called the oviduct umbrella, has the search ova the function, also is the clinical surgery distinguishes the oviduct the symbol.

(3) function 

The oviduct is transports the ova the channel.


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