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Computer Science

Subject Category

First-level discipline, major name: Computer Science and Technology | Major code: 080901 | Category: Engineering | Discipline: Computer Science | Education level: Undergraduate | Degree awarded: Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Science.


Computer Science and Technology Computer System Architecture Computer Software and Theory Computer Application Technology

Professional Introduction:

  • 1. Computer Application Technology Distributed Database and Information Systems: Deployment, management, and application technology based on network computing resources; theory and application of various large-scale distributed databases based on networks, parallel processing technology, data exchange technology for distributed database systems to solve technical problems such as cross-platform heterogeneity in the construction process of large information systems, access to dispersed data sources, backup, recovery and reducing complexity while improving reliability, software reuse rate guaranteeing system security etc. Computer Graphics Image Processing Techniques : computer graphics , three-dimensional realistic graphics modeling simulation techniques , image & video processing , pattern recognition , image encryption & digital watermarking , content-based image retrieval (CBIR) , virtual reality (VR) & augmented reality (AR) technologies , human-computer interaction systems (HCI), computer vision(CV), visualization computation(VC), virtual instrument(VI).

    Nuclear Information Processing Technologies And Geoscience Information Processing Technologies : Research on acquisition,transmission,analysis,and storage technologies for nuclear information processing technologies and geoscience information;development of relevant algorithms and software.

  • 2. Computer Software And Theory Algorithm Design And Software Technology:System software、software automation、middleware technology、programming languages、software engineering、software reuse technology&component-based development(CBD)technology、computer complexity theory、parallel processing&high-performance computing(HPC)theory ;researches on theories methods models tools environments in management。 Intelligent Information And Data Fusion:Artificial neural network(AANN),machine learning(ML),fuzzy set and fuzzy logic,genetic algorithm(GA),particle swarm optimization(PSO),ant colony optimization(ACO),data association principles and methods,image registration technology,multi-scale analysis processing technology,multi-sensor image fusion processing method, data fusion algorithm simulation etc.

    Computer Simulation And Pattern Recognition:Basic concepts of system simulation、system mathematical models and their mutual conversion、application of numerical integration method in system simulation、simulation program design based on differential equations、digital simulation method based on structural diagrams、fast digital simulation method ;control system parameter optimization&simulation ;Simulink modeling &simulation ;modern simulation technologies and application technologies such as artificial neural networks.

  • 3. Computer System Architecture Network Systems And Communication Technology: Computers and communication networks and their applications in information systems. Embedded Technology And Intelligent Instruments: Research on the architecture of embedded systems.

    Microcomputer Systems And Signal Processing: Research on signal precision measurement, sampling, coding, analysis, processing techniques.


    Computer System Architecture , Computer Software & Systems , Computer Applications , Software Engineering , Software Technology , Software Development , Network Security , Network Engineering JAVA ,Computer Audit ,Financial Informationization ,Mobile Internet Information &Technology


    Computer Organization Principles, Data Structures, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Compiler Principles,Databasesystemprinciplesandsoftwareengineeringetc.,

    Basic Courses

    Advanced Mathematics,CPU Principle Operation System Theory,andSoftware,

    Professional Courses

    Software Engineering,Nework Engineering Information Security,IoT Engineering,Digital Media Technology,C/C++,Java,database Unix/Linux Operating System Windows Operating System CPUPrincipleArtificialIntelligenceProgrammingBasics,Object-Oriented Programming Digital Logic CircuitElectronicCircuitTechnologyDataStructureAndAlgorithmWEBProgramDesignComputingCompositionAndStructureEtc.

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