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Natural Norm

Let $\vert\vert{\bf z}\vert\vert$ be a Vector Norm of ${\bf z}$ such that

\vert\vert{\hbox{\sf A}}\vert\vert=\max_{\vert\vert{\bf z}\vert\vert=1} \vert\vert{\hbox{\sf A}}{\bf z}\vert\vert.

Then $\vert\vert{\hbox{\sf A}}\vert\vert$ is a Matrix Norm which is said to be the natural norm Induced (or Subordinate) to the Vector Norm $\vert\vert{\bf z}\vert\vert$. For any natural norm,

\vert\vert{\hbox{\sf I}}\vert\vert=1,

where ${\hbox{\sf I}}$ is the Identity Matrix. The natural matrix norms induced by the L1-Norm, L2-Norm, and L(infinity)-Norm are called the Maximum Absolute Column Sum Norm, Spectral Norm, and Maximum Absolute Row Sum Norm, respectively.


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