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\begin{figure}\begin{center}\BoxedEPSF{rose.epsf scaled 800}\end{center}\end{figure}

A curve which has the shape of a petalled flower. This curve was named Rhodonea by the Italian mathematician Guido Grandi between 1723 and 1728 because it resembles a rose (MacTutor Archive). The polar equation of the rose is




If $n$ is Odd, the rose is $n$-petalled. If $n$ is Even, the rose is $2n$-petalled. If $n$ is Irrational, then there are an infinite number of petals.

The Quadrifolium is the rose with $n=2$. The rose is the Radial Curve of the Epicycloid.

See also Daisy, Maurer Rose, Starr Rose


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