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The concept of a space is an extremely general and important mathematical construct. Members of the space obey certain addition properties. Spaces which have been investigated and found to be of interest are usually named after one or more of their investigators. This practice unfortunately leads to names which give very little insight into the relevant properties of a given space.

One of the most general type of mathematical spaces is the Topological Space.

See also Affine Space, Baire Space, Banach Space, Base Space, Bergman Space, Besov Space, Borel Space, Calabi-Yau Space, Cellular Space, Chu Space, Dodecahedral Space, Drinfeld's Symmetric Space, Eilenberg-Mac Lane Space, Euclidean Space, Fiber Space, Finsler Space, First-Countable Space, Fréchet Space, Function Space, G-Space, Green Space, Hausdorff Space, Heisenberg Space, Hilbert Space, Hyperbolic Space, Inner Product Space, L2-Space, Lens Space, Line Space, Linear Space, Liouville Space, Locally Convex Space, Locally Finite Space, Loop Space, Mapping Space, Measure Space, Metric Space, Minkowski Space, Müntz Space, Non-Euclidean Geometry, Normed Space, Paracompact Space, Planar Space, Polish Space, Probability Space, Projective Space, Quotient Space, Riemann's Moduli Space, Riemann Space, Sample Space, Standard Space, State Space, Stone Space, Teichmüller Space, Tensor Space, Topological Space, Topological Vector Space, Total Space, Vector Space

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