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Weyl Tensor

The Tensor

{C^{ij}}_{kl} = {R^ij}_{kl} -2{\delta^{[i}{}_[k}{R^{j]}}{}_{...
...\textstyle{1\over 3}} {\delta^{[i}}{}_{[k}{\delta^{j]}}_{l]}R,

where ${R^ij}_{kl}$ is the Riemann Tensor and $R$ is the Curvature Scalar. The Weyl tensor is defined so that every Contraction between indices gives 0. In particular, ${C^\lambda}_{\mu\lambda\kappa}=0$. The number of independent components for a Weyl tensor in $N$-D is given by

C_N = {\textstyle{1\over 12}} N(N+1)(N+2)(N-3).

See also Curvature Scalar, Riemann Tensor


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