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Electrochemistry Software ELECTROCHEMIST.com 5.8.35

polar.zip is 1700KB, including VB6 runtime dll and ocx and setup and manual.

For upgrade, if you have MS Visual Basic 6 or msvbvm60.dll, you can just download polarexe.zip, but you need msvbvm60.dll and comdlg32.ocx in the same directory as polar.exe or in the directory \windows\system for Windows 95, or in the directory \winnt\system32 for Windows NT/2000.

Microsoft Visual Basic 6 runtime DLL files are from http://www.simtel.net/simtel.net/win95/dll.html, where msvbvm60.dll is inside simvb6-5.zip. And download comdlg32.ocx in 1999 May 7 here.

List of FTP and HTTP mirror sites

Country            URL (host and directory path)
---------          -------------------------------------------------
Australia          http://www.drhuang.com/science/chemistry/electrochemistry/polar.zip
After download, please double-click the race.zip file with Winzip, and then double-click the setup.exe file to setup. If you have a problem on setup, e.g. it asks for setup again and again, please download following the Setup.lst.txt file, rename it to Setup.lst, replace old Setup.lst file from polar.zip, then run setup.

Download new Setup.LST file

Country            URL (host and directory path)
---------          -------------------------------------------------
Australia          http://www.drhuang.com/science/chemistry/electrochemistry/setup.lst.txt

It requires you have the Winzip program in your computer to open the *.zip file. If not, you download and run Winzip first.
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