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Electrochemistry Survey

Thanks for taking the time to give us feedback - we rely on your comments and questions to improve our services and products. We do read these messages and respond to many of them, so feel free to tell us anything that's on your mind about our services and products.

Again, thanks for your time and input.

Your Name: 

1. Which electrochemical simulation software did you use ? 

2. What did you think about it ? 

3. What did you want from it ?

4. What price did you pay for it ?

5. What did you think about my software ?

6. How much would you like to pay for my software ?

7. Would you like to pay $120 for one year membership with 
free upgrade in a year, or pay $1000 for using it forever 
without free upgrade?

8. How did you know my software and address? If from Internet, 
how to find it ?

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