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Game Theory

A branch of Mathematics and Logic which deals with the analysis of Games (i.e., situations involving parties with conflicting interests). In addition to the mathematical elegance and complete ``solution'' which is possible for simple games, the principles of game theory also find applications to complicated games such as cards, checkers, and chess, as well as real-world problems as diverse as economics, property division, politics, and warfare.

See also Borel Determinacy Theorem, Categorical Game, Checkers, Chess, Decision Theory, Equilibrium Point, Finite Game, Futile Game, Game Expectation, Go, Hi-Q, Impartial Game, Mex, Minimax Theorem, Mixed Strategy, Nash Equilibrium, Nash's Theorem, Nim, Nim-Value, Partisan Game, Payoff Matrix, Peg Solitaire, Perfect Information, Saddle Point (Game), Safe, Sprague-Grundy Function, Strategy, Tactix, Tit-for-Tat, Unsafe, Value, Wythoff's Game, Zero-Sum Game


Game Theory

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