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Minimax Theorem

The fundamental theorem of Game Theory which states that every Finite, Zero-Sum, two-person Game has optimal Mixed Strategies. It was proved by John von Neumann in 1928.

Formally, let ${\bf X}$ and ${\bf Y}$ be Mixed Strategies for players A and B. Let ${\hbox{\sf A}}$ be the Payoff Matrix. Then

\max_X \min_Y {\bf X}^{\rm T}{\hbox{\sf A}}{\bf Y}=\min_Y\max_X {\bf X}^{\rm T}{\hbox{\sf A}}{\bf Y} = v,

where $v$ is called the Value of the Game and ${\bf X}$ and ${\bf Y}$ are called the solutions. It also turns out that if there is more than one optimal Mixed Strategy, there are infinitely many.

See also Mixed Strategy


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