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Seidel-Entringer-Arnold Triangle

The Number Triangle consisting of the Entringer Numbers $E_{n,k}$ arranged in ``ox-plowing'' order,
$E_{10}\rightarrow E_{11}$
$E_{22}\leftarrow E_{21}\leftarrow E_{20}$
$E_{30}\rightarrow E_{31}\rightarrow E_{32}\rightarrow E_{33}$
$E_{44}\leftarrow E_{43}\leftarrow E_{42}\leftarrow E_{41}\leftarrow E_{40}$
$0\rightarrow 1$
$1\leftarrow 1\leftarrow 0$
$0\rightarrow 1\rightarrow 2\rightarrow 2$
$5\leftarrow 5\leftarrow 4\leftarrow 2\leftarrow 0$

See also Bell Number, Boustrophedon Transform, Clark's Triangle, Entringer Number, Euler's Triangle, Leibniz Harmonic Triangle, Number Triangle, Pascal's Triangle


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