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Towers of Hanoi


A Puzzle invented by E. Lucas in 1883. Given a stack of $n$ disks arranged from largest on the bottom to smallest on top placed on a rod, together with two empty rods, the towers of Hanoi puzzle asks for the minimum number of moves required to reverse the order of the stack (where moves are allowed only if they place smaller disks on top of larger disks). The problem is Isomorphic to finding a Hamiltonian Path on an $n$-Hypercube.

For $n$ disks, the number of moves $h_n$ required is given by the Recurrence Relation


Solving gives


The number of disks moved after the $k$th step is the same as the element which needs to be added or deleted in the $k$th Addend of the Ryser Formula (Gardner 1988, Vardi 1991).

A Hanoi Graph can be constructed whose Vertices correspond to legal configurations of $n$ towers of Hanoi, where the Vertices are adjacent if the corresponding configurations can be obtained by a legal move. It can be solved using a binary Gray Code.

Poole (1994) gives Mathematica ${}^{\scriptstyle\circledRsymbol}$ (Wolfram Research, Champaign, IL) routines for solving an arbitrary disk configuration in the fewest possible moves. The proof of minimality is achieved using the Lucas Correspondence which relates Pascal's Triangle to the Hanoi Graph. Algorithms are known for transferring disks for four pegs, but none has been proved minimal. For additional references, see Poole (1994).

See also Gray Code, Ryser Formula


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