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The unconstructible regular seven-sided Polygon, illustrated above, has Schläfli Symbol $\{7\}$.

Although the regular heptagon is not a Constructible Polygon, Dixon (1991) gives several close approximations. While the Angle subtended by a side is $360^\circ/7\approx 51.428571^\circ$, Dixon gives constructions containing angles of $2\sin^{-1}(\sqrt{3}/4)\approx 51.317813^\circ$, $\tan^{-1}(5/4)\approx 51.340192^\circ$, and $30^\circ+\sin^{-1}((\sqrt{3}-1)/2)\approx 51.470701^\circ$.

Madachy (1979) illustrates how to construct a heptagon by folding and knotting a strip of paper.

See also Edmonds' Map, Trigonometry Values Pi/7


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