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Minkowski-Bouligand Dimension

In many cases, the Hausdorff Dimension correctly describes the correction term for a resonator with Fractal Perimeter in Lorentz's conjecture. However, in general, the proper dimension to use turns out to be the Minkowski-Bouligand dimension (Schroeder 1991).

Let $F(r)$ be the Area traced out by a small Circle with Radius $r$ following a fractal curve. Then, providing the Limit exists,

D_M\equiv \lim_{r\to 0} {\ln F(r)\over -\ln r}+2

(Schroeder 1991). It is conjectured that for all strictly self-similar fractals, the Minkowski-Bouligand dimension is equal to the Hausdorff Dimension $D$; otherwise $D_M>D$.

See also Hausdorff Dimension


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