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An object or quantity which displays Self-Similarity, in a somewhat technical sense, on all scales. The object need not exhibit exactly the same structure at all scales, but the same ``type'' of structures must appear on all scales. A plot of the quantity on a log-log graph versus scale then gives a straight line, whose slope is said to be the Fractal Dimension. The prototypical example for a fractal is the length of a coastline measured with different length Rulers. The shorter the Ruler, the longer the length measured, a Paradox known as the Coastline Paradox.

See also Backtracking, Barnsley's Fern, Box Fractal, Butterfly Fractal, Cactus Fractal, Cantor Set, Cantor Square Fractal, Carotid-Kundalini Fractal, Cesàro Fractal, Chaos Game, Circles-and-Squares Fractal, Coastline Paradox, Dragon Curve, Fat Fractal, Fatou Set, Flowsnake Fractal, Fractal Dimension, H-Fractal, Hénon Map, Iterated Function System, Julia Fractal, Kaplan-Yorke Map, Koch Antisnowflake, Koch Snowflake, Lévy Fractal, Lévy Tapestry, Lindenmayer System, Mandelbrot Set, Mandelbrot Tree, Menger Sponge, Minkowski Sausage, Mira Fractal, Newton's Method, Pentaflake, Pythagoras Tree, Rabinovich-Fabrikant Equation, San Marco Fractal, Sierpinski Carpet, Sierpinski Curve, Sierpinski Sieve, Star Fractal, Zaslavskii Map



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