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Möbius Function


\mu(n)\equiv \cases{ 0 & if $n$\ has one or more repeated pr...
...\cr (-1)^k & if $n$\ is a product of $k$\ distinct primes,\cr}

so $\mu(n)\not=0$ indicates that $n$ is Squarefree. The first few values are 1, $-1$, $-1$, 0, $-1$, 1, $-1$, 0, 0, 1, $-1$, 0, ... (Sloane's A008683).

The Summatory Function of the Möbius function is called Mertens Function.

See also Braun's Conjecture, Mertens Function, Möbius Inversion Formula, Möbius Periodic Function, Prime Zeta Function, Riemann Function, Squarefree


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