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Simson Line


The Simson line is the Line containing the feet of the perpendiculars from a point on the Circumcircle of a Triangle to the sides (or their extensions) of the Triangle. The Simson line is sometimes known as the Wallace-Simson Line, since it does not appear in any work of Simson (Johnson 1929, p. 137).

The Angle between the Simson lines of two points $P$ and $P'$ is half the Angle of the arc $PP'$. The Simson line of any Vertex is the Altitude through that Vertex. The Simson line of a point opposite a Vertex is the corresponding side. If $T_1T_2T_3$ is the Simson line of a point $T$ of the Circumcircle, then the triangles $TT_1T_2$ and $TA_2A_1$ are directly similar.

See also Circumcircle


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