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Triangle Center

A triangle center is a point whose Trilinear Coordinates are defined in terms of the side lengths and angles of a Triangle. The function giving the coordinates $\alpha:\beta:\gamma$ is called the Triangle Center Function. The four ancient centers are the Centroid, Incenter, Circumcenter, and Orthocenter. For a listing of these and other triangle centers, see Kimberling (1994).

A triangle center is said to be Regular Iff there is a Triangle Center Function which is a Polynomial in $\Delta$, $a$, $b$, and $c$ (where $\Delta$ is the Area of the Triangle) such that the Trilinear Coordinates of the center are


A triangle center is said to be a Major Triangle Center if the Triangle Center Function $\alpha$ is a function of Angle $A$ alone, and therefore $\beta$ and $\gamma$ of $B$ and $C$ alone, respectively.

See also Major Triangle Center, Regular Triangle Center, Triangle, Triangle Center Function, Trilinear Coordinates, Trilinear Polar


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