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A proposition which is consistent with known data, but has neither been verified nor shown to be false. It is synonymous with Hypothesis.

See also abc Conjecture, Abhyankar's Conjecture, Ablowitz-Ramani-Segur Conjecture, Andrica's Conjecture, Annulus Conjecture, Argoh's Conjecture, Artin's Conjecture, Axiom, Bachet's Conjecture, Bennequin's Conjecture, Bieberbach Conjecture, Birch Conjecture, Blaschke Conjecture, Borsuk's Conjecture, Borwein Conjectures, Braun's Conjecture, Brocard's Conjecture, Burnside's Conjecture, Carmichael's Conjecture, Catalan's Conjecture, Cramér Conjecture, de Polignac's Conjecture, Diesis, Dodecahedral Conjecture, Double Bubble Conjecture, Eberhart's Conjecture, Euler's Conjecture, Euler Power Conjecture, Euler Quartic Conjecture, Feit-Thompson Conjecture, Fermat's Conjecture, Flyping Conjecture, Gilbreath's Conjecture, Giuga's Conjecture, Goldbach Conjecture, Grimm's Conjecture, Guy's Conjecture, Hardy-Littlewood Conjectures, Hasse's Conjecture, Heawood Conjecture, Hypothesis, Jacobian Conjecture, Kaplan-Yorke Conjecture, Keller's Conjecture, Kelvin's Conjecture, Kepler Conjecture, Kreisel Conjecture, Kummer's Conjecture, Lemma, Local Density Conjecture, Mertens Conjecture, Milin Conjecture, Milnor's Conjecture, Mordell Conjecture, Netto's Conjecture, Nirenberg's Conjecture, Ore's Conjecture, Padé Conjecture, Palindromic Number Conjecture, Pillai's Conjecture, Poincaré Conjecture, Pólya Conjecture, Porism, Prime k-Tuples Conjecture, Prime Patterns Conjecture, Prime Power Conjecture, Proof, Quillen-Lichtenbaum Conjecture, Ramanujan-Petersson Conjecture, Robertson Conjecture, Safarevich Conjecture, Sausage Conjecture, Schanuel's Conjecture, Schisma, Scholz Conjecture, Seifert Conjecture, Selfridge's Conjecture, Shanks' Conjecture, Smith Conjecture, Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture, Szpiro's Conjecture, Tait's Hamiltonian Graph Conjecture, Tait's Knot Conjectures, Taniyama-Shimura Conjecture, Tau Conjecture, Theorem, Thurston's Geometrization Conjecture, Thwaites Conjecture, Vojta's Conjecture, Wang's Conjecture, Waring's Prime Conjecture, Waring's Sum Conjecture, Zarankiewicz's Conjecture


Rivera, C. ``Problems & Puzzles (Conjectures).''

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