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Isogonic Centers

The first isogonic center $F_1$ of a Triangle is the Fermat Point. The second isogonic center $F_2$ is constructed analogously with the first isogonic center except that for $F_2$, the Equilateral Triangles are constructed on the same side of the opposite Vertex. The second isogonic center has Triangle Center Function

\alpha=\csc(A-{\textstyle{1\over 3}}\pi).

Its Antipedal Triangle is Equilateral and has Area

2\Delta=[-1+\cot\omega\cot({\textstyle{1\over 3}}\pi)],

where $\omega$ is the Brocard Angle.

The first and second isogonic centers are Isogonal Conjugates of the Isodynamic Points.

See also Brocard Angle, Equilateral Triangle, Fermat Point, Isodynamic Points, Isogonal Conjugate


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