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Math Function


  1. List of Functions 函数目录
  2. Basic Function 初等函数
  3. Java Math function
  4. JavaScript Math function
  5. Special Function 特殊函数
  6. Complex Function 复变函数
  7. Internal Function - system function in the .class file.
  8. External Function - user-defined function in text file, which is auto loaded. You can add your own new function.

Basic function

function Description
abs(x) Absolute value of argument.
sqrt(x) Square root of argument . Equivalent to root(argument,2)
cbrt(x) Cube root of argument. Equivalent to root(argument,3)
ln(x) Natural logarithm of argument (base-E logarithm of argument )
log(x) Natural logarithm of argument (base-E logarithm of argument )
lg(x) Logarithm base-10 of argument, equivalent to log(argument,10).
log10(x) Logarithm base-10 of argument.
exp(x) Exponential Function E to the power of argument, equivalent to E^argument
sin(x) Sine of argument
cos(x) Cosine
tan(x) Tangent
cot(x) Cotangent
sec(x) Secant of argument, equiv. to 1/cos(arg).
csc(x) Cosecant, equiv. to 1/sin(arg).
asin(x) Arc sine
acos(x) Arc cosine
atan(x) Arc tangent
acot(x) Arc cotangent
asec(x) Arc secant, inverse secant.
acsc(x) Arc cosecant, inverse cosecant.
sinh(x) Hyperbolic sine, Sinus hyperbolicus
cosh(x) Hyperbolic cosine, Cosinus hyperbolicus
tanh(x) Hyperbolic tangent, Tangens hyperbolicus
coth(x) Hyperbolic cotangent, Cotangens hyperbolicus
sech(x) Hyperbolic secant, Secans hyperbolicus.
csch(x) Hyperbolic cosecant, Cosecans hyperbolicus.
asinh(x) Area sine, Area sinus hyperbolicus, inverse sinh(x).
acosh(x) Area cosine, Area cosinus hyperbolicus, inverse cosh(x).
atanh(x) Area tangent, Area tangens hyperbolicus, inverse tanh(x).
acoth(x) Area cotangent, Area cotangens hyperbolicus, inverse coth(x).
asech(x) Area- secant, Area secans hyperbolicus, inverse sech(x).
acsch(x) Area- cosecant, Area cosecans hyperbolicus, inverse csch(x).
round(x) Rounds argument up or down to the closest integer
floor(x) Rounds arg down.
ceil(x) Rounds arg up.
atan2(y,x)inverse of two argument tan

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